Organisation: Federal Trade Commission (USA)

Israeli minister urges EU and US enforcers to help local importers

Israel’s Ministry of Finance has asked EU and US competition enforcers to help it crack down on parallel import restrictions and other anticompetitive practices imposed on Israeli importers, alleging such conduct is exacerbating the country’s cost of living crisis.

11 August 2022

Syracuse hospitals seek antitrust immunity

A pair of Syracuse-based hospitals are asking New York lawmakers to bless their plans to become the region’s largest healthcare facility while shielding the tie-up from federal antitrust scrutiny.

28 July 2022

FTC sues to block Meta’s VR expansion

A divided Federal Trade Commission has sued to block Meta’s acquisition of Within Unlimited on grounds it would substantially harm competition for virtual reality fitness apps.

28 July 2022

Pet owners accuse test kit owner of dodging FTC settlement

A class of pet owners has accused a test kit maker of illegally cornering off the market for animal diagnostic tests through long-term exclusive dealing with veterinarians.

27 July 2022

Covington and Cooley steer Amazon’s healthcare expansion

Amazon has revealed plans to acquire primary care network One Medical for $3.9 billion, drawing concern from some competition advocates, lawmakers and patients.

22 July 2022

A Q&A with Stacy Mitchell

The US antitrust agencies are considering revamping their merger guidelines and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance is looking to leave its mark on the new iteration. GCR USA spoke with ILSR head Stacy Mitchell about the nonprofit’s recent report calling on the agencies to adopt guidelines that will eschew remedies and bring down the hammer on vertical acquisitions.

21 July 2022

FTC and NLRB team up on labour markets

The Federal Trade Commission and the National Labor Relations Board have signed an agreement outlining greater collaboration on worker classification and noncompete agreements.

20 July 2022

Chamber of Commerce sues FTC over FOIA requests

The US Chamber of Commerce has accused the Federal Trade Commission of illegally withholding documents that the lobbying group requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

14 July 2022

Sixth Circuit

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 3

Courts in the Sixth Circuit issued decisions on a broad range of antitrust issues in the past year, some addressing unique matters and others adding to the growing body of law.

24 June 2022

Second Circuit

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 3

In 2021, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued a number of important decisions addressing core antitrust doctrines and related procedural issues.

24 June 2022

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