Organisation: Federal Council (Switzerland)

Switzerland: New COMCO president and revised legislation signify change of gear in competition regulation

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2024

Cartel Act amendments look set to remove impediments to healthy competition and the strengthening of civil antitrust law. Amid economic and energy crises, critical investigations and rulings are coinciding with changes to COMCO leadership.

30 June 2023

Swiss authority opposes draft legislative amendments

Switzerland’s government has proposed several amendments to the country’s competition rules to “neutralise” controversial case law, although the national antitrust enforcer has warned they undermine its abilities and vowed to challenge them.

26 May 2023

Switzerland: Foreign direct investment regulations

Featured in Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - Second Edition

Switzerland does not have a coherent legal framework for controlling foreign direct investment (FDI), but a new Draft Bill for FDI regulation presented by the Swiss Federal Council aims to change this.

06 December 2022

Switzerland: an era of potential modernisation

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

The past year has brought up some fascinating and crucial discussions with regard to present and future legal developments, digitalisation and jurisprudence. Swiss competition law is evolving and the challenges discussed this past year will without doubt be of relevance for the years to come.

24 June 2022

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