Organisation: Federal Cartel Office (Germany)

Meta to give users more control over data following German antitrust order

Meta will allow users for the first time to decide whether to allow the social media company to combine their data across its various platforms, in a bid to comply with a German antitrust order prohibiting the business from merging customer data without consent.

07 June 2023

Austria settles with Südzucker following double jeopardy victory

Austria’s Federal Competition Authority has agreed a €4.2 million cartel settlement with the world’s largest sugar producer, nine years after Germany’s Federal Cartel Office fined the company for colluding with rivals.

02 June 2023

Germany probes Vodafone for allegedly impeding nascent competitor

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office is investigating if Vodafone and its tower company subsidiary delayed a nascent rival’s access to network antennas in an attempt to block its entry into the domestic telecommunications market.

02 June 2023

German sector inquiry considers possibility of Google break up

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has discussed the possibility of breaking up Google’s online advertising business in its final sector inquiry report, as the country’s lawmakers prepare to give the agency new powers to order structural divestments after a market study.

31 May 2023

FCO intervention in animal welfare initiative shows pragmatism, experts say

The German antitrust enforcer has secured the abolition of a previously compulsory fee imposed on meat buyers involved in an animal welfare scheme, suggesting the agency will not treat sustainability as a “magic bullet” for anticompetitive agreements, local lawyers say.

26 May 2023

Complainants circle as Qualcomm pulls notification of Autotalks acquisition

Third-party complainants are challenging Qualcomm’s acquisition of Israeli chipmaker Autotalks, as the buyer prepares to refile the deal to Germany’s Federal Cartel Office after pulling its original notification on Friday.

24 May 2023

Mundt: Loose definition of sustainability threatens apolitical enforcement

Competition law risks becoming “very politicised” if differing interpretations of sustainability gain traction and begin to influence the enforcement of collaboration on such issues, the head of Germany’s antitrust enforcer has warned.

12 May 2023

German court determines settlement fine to end beer cartel saga

A German court has ordered Carlsberg to pay a €50 million penalty for illegally exchanging information with rivals after the company agreed to settle with the country’s antitrust authority, bringing an end to a case that has spanned 11 years.

03 May 2023

Germany raids energy company over excessive pricing concerns

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has raided the premises of EnBW Group as it investigates whether the electricity grid operator charged excessive prices to smaller energy suppliers for its blackout-prevention service.

26 April 2023

Mundt attempts to quell concerns from proposed German amendments

Andreas Mundt has said proposals to give his agency new sector inquiry powers to impose remedies on companies without establishing an infringement include several safeguards and will not amount to a quick fix.

17 April 2023

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