Organisation: Fair Trade Commission (Taiwan)

Taiwan sanctions telecoms cartel

Taiwan’s two biggest telecoms companies face a €2.2 million fine for conspiring to drop discount mobile plans to force customers to purchase more expensive deals.

14 September 2023

Taiwan sinks snorkelling cartel

Taiwan’s competition watchdog has sanctioned 21 snorkelling companies and a local tourism association for colluding to raise prices in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

23 February 2023

Taiwan punishes ready-mix concrete cartel

Taiwan’s competition watchdog has fined 18 ready-mix concrete producers, including three major factory operators, a total of €6.6 million for fixing prices and allocating the market in a northwestern city.

20 February 2023

Overview: Pharmaceuticals

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

Recent developments in competition law enforcement in pharmaceuticals in the Asia-Pacific region include the efforts of competition authorities to pursue potential infringements by companies and their readiness to impose significant sanctions.

25 March 2022

Overview: Cartels and Abuse

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

The regulatory and institutional landscape in the Asia-Pacific region continues to evolve while the costs of infringing competition law are mounting.

25 March 2022

The Intersection of Competition Law and Data Privacy in APAC

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2022

The interplay between competition law and data privacy law in the Asia-Pacific region leads to crucial legislation, enforcement, litigation and mergers developments.

25 March 2022

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