Organisation: European Commission

General Court orders steel cartelist to pay commission back-dated interest

The EU General Court has ordered German steel producer WDI to pay the European Commission overdue interest on a decade-old cartel fine, ruling that its earlier decision to annul and then reimpose the company’s penalty does not constitute a new sanction.

23 November 2022

Evidence disclosure is not limited to pre-existing documents, ECJ rules

The EU’s highest court has clarified that the disclosure of relevant evidence in antitrust damages claims applies to both existing and non-existing documents that a party may need to create from scratch.

10 November 2022

EU official rejects heightened reviews for digital mergers

The European Commission sees “no reason” to impose a different standard of merger control on the technology sector, the agency’s director of competition policy and strategy has said.

10 November 2022

General Court confirms re-adopted concrete rebar cartel fines

The EU’s General Court has confirmed the European Commission’s re-adopted sanctions on four concrete rebar cartelists after the agency’s previous decisions were annulled twice, ruling the decades-long case has not exceeded the principle of reasonable duration.

09 November 2022

EU hits play on Microsoft/Activision Blizzard Phase II probe

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation into Microsoft’s $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard, echoing the foreclosure concerns of the UK’s antitrust enforcer.

08 November 2022

ECJ overturns Fiat Chrysler state aid ruling

The EU’s highest court has annulled the European Commission’s finding that Luxembourg granted Fiat Chrysler an illegal tax break, ruling that the General Court was wrong to endorse the enforcer’s use of the “arm’s length principle” since it is not part of the country’s tax law.

08 November 2022

EU will not aggressively challenge information exchanges in dual distribution scenarios, official says

Information exchanges between a supplier and its downstream competitors are still assumed to create efficiencies, despite the recent removal of certain safeguards for such behaviour in the EU’s Vertical Block Exemption Regulation, a European Commission official has said.

01 November 2022

Italian court stays Amazon's appeal against €1.13 billion abuse fine

An Italian administrative court has suspended Amazon’s appeal against the national antitrust watchdog’s €1.13 billion abuse of dominance sanction pending a separate jurisdictional challenge brought by the technology giant to the European Court of Justice.

31 October 2022

EU needs more cross-border consolidation, senior lawmaker says

The European Commission has been “a little bit naive” by focusing on competition within the bloc’s single market without considering what is happening “in the rest of the world”, the chair of the EU Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs has said.

28 October 2022

Google confirms EU Play Store investigation

Google has revealed that the European Commission is investigating its Play Store rules over abuse of dominance concerns after the UK’s antitrust authority confirmed its own probe into the same conduct earlier this year.

28 October 2022

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