Organisation: European Commission

ECJ sides with commission in airline slot dispute

The EU’s highest court has confirmed a General Court ruling that found the European Commission was right to grant Delta Air Lines grandfathering rights over certain take-off and landing slots at London Heathrow Airport.

16 March 2023

EU doubles down on Amazon tax claims as it seeks to revive state aid fiscal policy

An internal restructuring that fundamentally reorganised Amazon’s global business was solely intended to help the technology company avoid paying tax on certain profits, the European Commission has told the EU’s highest court.

16 March 2023

EU wrongly imposed “arbitrary” predatory pricing fine, Qualcomm argues

The European Commission’s predatory pricing decision against Qualcomm has created an “environment of legal uncertainty”, the chipmaker has argued in its appeal against a sanction that it claims is equivalent to those levied against hardcore cartels.

15 March 2023

Qualcomm “attacked” rival to implement foreclosure strategy, EU says

Qualcomm “acted like a typical predator” and “attacked when it mattered” to shut-out competition from a rival chipmaker, the European Commission has said as it defends its €242 million predatory pricing fine on the company.

14 March 2023

Trucks cartelists defeat first follow-on claim in Norway

The Oslo District Court has rejected the Norwegian postal operator’s bid for €79.5 million in damages from members of the EU trucks cartel because the claimant failed to present a counterfactual analysis, marking the country's first full-merits judgment relating to the cartel.

14 March 2023

Qualcomm kicks off bid to strike down second EU infringement decision

Qualcomm has accused the European Commission of “chronic mismanagement and blatant procedural bias” in the predatory pricing investigation that led it to fine the chipmaker €242 million.

13 March 2023

Ofcom chief economist wary of remedies in telecoms deals

The UK’s communications regulator will need to see a “real demonstration” that access remedies in telecoms mergers will be a “different story” than in the past because they have not previously worked well, the agency’s chief economist has said.

10 March 2023

“Blood will be spilt” over DMA’s compatibility with Germany’s Section 19A, lawyer says

Lawyers have warned that overlaps between the EU’s Digital Markets Act and Germany’s enhanced competition rules for digital gatekeepers will likely need to be resolved by the European Court of Justice.

10 March 2023

Commission must record interviews even before opening formal probes, ECJ rules

The EU’s highest court has annulled the European Commission’s dawn raids on supermarket chains Intermarché and Casino as the agency failed to record interviews it relied on as evidence to justify the searches before launching a formal probe.

09 March 2023

EU considering joint DMA investigations with national enforcers

The European Commission is assessing how it can set up joint investigative teams with members of national competition authorities to enforce the Digital Markets Act, Olivier Guersent and Thomas Kramler have said.

09 March 2023

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