Organisation: European Commission

Draft DMA procedural rules outline streamlined defence rights

The European Commission has published its draft procedural rules governing its enforcement of the Digital Markets Act, largely mirroring existing procedures for traditional competition probes but imposing tougher restrictions on information access and other defence rights.

13 December 2022

EU urged to open more antitrust probes into territorial restrictions

A trade association that counts Amazon, IKEA and Carrefour as members has asked the European Commission to take “decisive action” against unnamed consumer goods manufacturers for allegedly imposing anticompetitive territorial supply restrictions.

12 December 2022

EU sends SO to banks in third bond cartel probe after settlement talks fail

The European Commission has accused Deutsche Bank and Rabobank of exchanging commercially sensitive information and coordinating the prices of several Euro-dominated bonds for 11 years after settlement negotiations broke down.

06 December 2022

The Evolving Concept of National Security

Featured in Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - Second Edition

In recent years, the regulation of foreign investments under national security and foreign investment regimes has grown exponentially, with sectoral coverage expanding to unprecedented levels.

06 December 2022

European Union: Foreign direct investment regulations

Featured in Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - Second Edition

In recent years, the European Commission has pushed for a harmonised approach to FDI screening, aiming to develop an open, sustainable, fair and rules-based system of global trade that recognises the importance of inbound FDI for economic growth, job creation and innovation in the European Union.

06 December 2022

France: Foreign direct investment regulations

Featured in Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - Second Edition

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in certain sensitive sectors relating to French national interests has been subject to prior clearance and regulated by the country's Ministry of Economy, influencing the behaviour of international investors.

06 December 2022

EU starts Vivendi/Lagardère Phase II as Kronospan/Pfleiderer Polska collapses over remedies

The European Commission’s decision to open an in-depth probe into a major French publishing merger on the same day that a pair of wood panelling companies dropped their planned tie-up mid-Phase II does not necessarily point to increased intervention, lawyers have said.

01 December 2022

EU fines chemical buyers €157 million for purchasing cartel

The European Commission has fined five buyers of styrene monomer a combined €157 million after they admitted to colluding on purchase price negotiations and exchanging sensitive commercial information.

29 November 2022

UK appellate court affirms CAT’s decision to expand Merricks class action

A UK appellate court has upheld a ruling by the country’s specialist competition tribunal to allow Walter Merricks to seek damages from Mastercard on behalf of millions of people who died since he filed his opt-out damages claim against the credit card company in 2017.

29 November 2022

EU approves vehicle leasing merger with divestment remedies

The European Commission has ordered two global vehicle leasing companies to sell parts of their businesses in six countries as part of a decision to conditionally clear their tie-up during a Phase I review.

28 November 2022

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