Organisation: European Commission

FSR stats show businesses still uncertain about notification obligations

Newly-released statistics on the European Commission’s Foreign Subsidies Regulation shows the agency has the resources to handle the unexpected uptick in notifications but businesses still remain unsure about filing obligations.

23 February 2024

EU competition enforcement must be bolder, Vestager says

Margrethe Vestager has called on the next European Commission to be bolder in its approach to competition enforcement.

22 February 2024

Telefónica blasts Orange/Masmovil spectrum remedy

Telefónica’s director of competition has criticised the European Commission’s conditional clearance of Orange/Masmovil, claiming the remedies will limit market rivals from scaling up and investing in new technologies.

22 February 2024

Italian lawmakers tight-lipped on Lufthansa/ITA probe

The Italian government is unlikely to interfere in the European Commission's review of Lufthansa/ITA Airways ahead of an expected statement of objections, despite the prime minister previously slamming the agency’s handling of the merger.

21 February 2024

Vestager dismisses national telecom consolidation as solution to improving EU connectivity

Waving through more national mergers in the telecoms sector is not the answer to improving the EU's digital network infrastructure, Margrethe Vestager has said.

21 February 2024

First EU foreign subsidies probe expected to leave key questions unanswered

By using its new Foreign Subsidies Regulation powers to target a Chinese company in a public procurement probe, the European Commission has picked a “textbook” first case that is expected to leave several key questions about its wider approach unanswered.

20 February 2024

Vestager: AI “window of opportunity” is closing

Competition agencies need to act swiftly and cooperatively to maximise the benefits of artificial intelligence, Margrethe Vestager has warned.

19 February 2024

Visa rebuffs umbrella claimants’ call for by-object analysis

Counsel to Visa says it’s “surprising” that merchants seeking damages over anticompetitive card fees claim certain charges are a by-object infringement, given they failed to claim such in the 50 years it has been on the European Commission's radar.

15 February 2024

UK claimants begin bid to extend Visa and Mastercard interchange liability

Visa and Mastercard’s claims that the sky would have fallen in had they not imposed multilateral interchange fees is “simply not borne out by the evidence”, counsel to umbrella claimants has said.

14 February 2024

Google unconvinced iMessage, Bing, Edge should escape DMA duties

Apple and Microsoft have collectively dodged gatekeeper designations under the Digital Markets Act for four online services, but Google says the move will harm consumers.

13 February 2024

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