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EU doubles down on Amazon tax claims as it seeks to revive state aid fiscal policy

An internal restructuring that fundamentally reorganised Amazon’s global business was solely intended to help the technology company avoid paying tax on certain profits, the European Commission has told the EU’s highest court.

16 March 2023

EU wrongly imposed “arbitrary” predatory pricing fine, Qualcomm argues

The European Commission’s predatory pricing decision against Qualcomm has created an “environment of legal uncertainty”, the chipmaker has argued in its appeal against a sanction that it claims is equivalent to those levied against hardcore cartels.

15 March 2023

Qualcomm “attacked” rival to implement foreclosure strategy, EU says

Qualcomm “acted like a typical predator” and “attacked when it mattered” to shut-out competition from a rival chipmaker, the European Commission has said as it defends its €242 million predatory pricing fine on the company.

14 March 2023

Qualcomm kicks off bid to strike down second EU infringement decision

Qualcomm has accused the European Commission of “chronic mismanagement and blatant procedural bias” in the predatory pricing investigation that led it to fine the chipmaker €242 million.

13 March 2023

CMA drops probe into Meta, combines Google online ad cases

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has ended its investigation into Meta over an online advertising agreement with Google, although it will continue to probe the latter’s involvement in the same pact three months after the EU dropped the case entirely.

10 March 2023

EU foreign subsidy regime could lead to proliferation, official says

An official at the European Commission has said that the EU’s incoming legislation to tackle distortive foreign subsidies may lead to other jurisdictions adopting similar systems.

06 December 2022

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