Organisation: Danish Competition and Consumer Authority

Danish tyre companies hit brakes on deal amid Phase II scrutiny

Two Danish tyre companies have abandoned their proposed tie-up after failing to propose sufficient remedies during a controversial in-depth probe by the national competition enforcer.

15 August 2023

Danish enforcer requests price-fixing fine for car repair platform

Denmark’s antitrust enforcer has urged a local court to fine online car repair platform Autobutler for entering into price-fixing agreements with hundreds of garages.

03 July 2023

Denmark: Authorities build on EU competition law and focus enforcement on cutting-edge sectors

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2024

Shared characteristics of the Danish Competition Act and EU competition law give the country similar priorities and a familiar enforcement framework. Yet it is the key differences that allow the Danish government to better curb anticompetitive developments in pivotal sectors, such as its burgeoning digital market.

30 June 2023

Denmark: Competition Council and DCCA utilise tailored legislation to boost merger regime

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2024

Danish competition authorities are making smart use of tailored legislation, armed with a Competition Act tailored to rigorously root out mergers that threaten the country’s healthy competitive landscape.

30 June 2023

Danish court reinstates outdoor advertising cartel decision

A Danish appellate court has rebuked a lower court for ruling that the national competition enforcer should have provided evidence of actual contact between two outdoor advertising companies after their unlawful written agreement to fix rebates expired.

23 May 2023

Danish court orders enforcer to reassess decade-old abuse decision

A Danish court has overturned an abuse of dominance decision from the country’s antitrust enforcer against a train manufacturer and its distributor after finding the agency’s market definition was flawed.

28 February 2023

Denmark: the differences – and similarities – between Danish and EU competition law

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

Competition law in Denmark is similar to that of the EU, as demonstrated by analysis of recent practice and relevant developments in the Scandinavian country.

24 June 2022

Denmark: A primer on merger control

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

An overview of merger control in Denmark, including information on the relevant legislation on merger control, the enforcing authorities, the applicable definitions and the jurisdictional thresholds for mergers.

24 June 2022

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