Organisation: Daimler AG

UK court upholds Trucks opt-in class action certification

Road Haulage Association can proceed with its certified opt-in class action against members of the EU trucks cartel, a UK appellate court has said - rejecting a rival claimant’s bid to overturn the dismissal of its own opt-out claim.

25 July 2023

Trucks cartelists defeat first follow-on claim in Norway

The Oslo District Court has rejected the Norwegian postal operator’s bid for €79.5 million in damages from members of the EU trucks cartel because the claimant failed to present a counterfactual analysis, marking the country's first full-merits judgment relating to the cartel.

14 March 2023

Plaintiffs can be forced to pay costs if claims are partially successful, ECJ rules

National courts can order claimants seeking antitrust damages to pay their own costs in cases where a claim is only partially upheld, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

16 February 2023

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