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06 November 2023

Israel adopts flexible enforcement approach

Supply chain problems linked to Israel’s current security crisis justify a more flexible approach to antitrust enforcement, the head of its competition authority has said.

12 October 2023

Israel readies novel price signalling charges

Strauss Group plans to fight off landmark criminal charges accusing it of attempting to collude with rivals in Israel by signalling planned price increases.

22 August 2023

Conservative TV channel alleges coordinated boycott in Israel

An Israeli television station has reportedly accused three businesses of colluding to drop advertising contracts in an attempt to “cancel” the channel.

11 August 2023

Israel broadens transport bid-rigging cartel probe

Three bus companies and three senior officials have been added to the Israeli competition watchdog’s ongoing criminal investigation into the transport sector, which has seen a slew of companies targeted for making €49 million from rigging bids for public tenders.

18 July 2023

Israeli companies restructure deal to settle gun-jumping probe

Two Israeli finance companies have agreed to restructure their transaction and pay gun-jumping penalties after the national antitrust watchdog concluded the proposed asset acquisition qualifies as a merger under competition law.

18 July 2023

Footwear company settles antitrust dispute with Israeli competition watchdog

Israeli footwear company WeShoes has agreed to pay €1.3 million and refrain from influencing resale prices for certain brands to avoid a hefty fine for gun jumping, resale price maintenance and failing to comply with information requests.

17 July 2023

Israel: Updated competition policy affects merger control and enhances ICA enforcement against anticompetitive conduct

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2024

Revisions to the Economic Competition Law are enhancing the ICA’s efficacy when it comes to merger control and boosting its role within the government, while also improving the domestic treatment of Israeli consumers.

30 June 2023

Israeli tribunal reduces record fine against Coca-Cola distributor

A Coca-Cola distributor has failed to convince Israel’s Competition Tribunal to annul a record fine issued by the national antitrust authority for breaching merger commitments and imposing unlawful restrictions on retailers, although the judge indicated they will lower the sanction.

28 June 2023

Israel readies record fine

Israel’s Competition Authority plans to levy a record €28 million gun-jumping fine on Strauss Group after accusing the food conglomerate of actioning the terms of a share purchase agreement with a smaller rival before receiving approval from the national enforcer.

27 June 2023

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