Organisation: Commerce Commission (New Zealand)

New Zealand targets fuel price anomalies

Increasing retail fuel prices could indicate a breakdown in competition as they do not appear to be based on differences in costs, New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has said.

06 September 2023

Roaming regulation ensures healthy competition, NZ enforcer finds

Mobile roaming regulation is still needed to safeguard competition in the market, New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has said.

30 August 2023

NZ property developer fined over restrictive land covenant

A New Zealand property developer that operates a hardware store in Tauranga must pay over €280,000 in fines after implementing a land covenant to stop a rival from competing in the local area, the Wellington High Court has held in the first decision punishing such conduct.

31 July 2023

New Zealand passes grocery competition law following market study

A new law stimulating competition in New Zealand’s grocery sector and shaking up the incumbent duopoly has come into effect, after a government minister hailed the impact of the country’s market studies regime.

27 June 2023

New Zealand launches banking market study

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has begun a wide-ranging assessment of how competition is functioning in the country’s personal banking sector.

23 June 2023

New Zealand opens door for antitrust IP enforcement following removal of exemptions

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has issued new guidelines clarifying how it will enforce against conduct involving intellectual property rights after IP-related exemptions were taken out of the country’s antitrust rulebook.

06 April 2023

New Zealand conditionally clears Sika/MBCC

New Zealand’s antitrust authority has approved Sika’s proposed €5.2 billion acquisition of rival chemicals company MBCC Group after the parties agreed to divest the latter’s entire business in New Zealand and Australia.

04 April 2023

EU approves Sika/MBCC divestment package

The European Commission has approved construction chemical supplier Sika’s €5.1 billion acquisition of rival MBCC, subject to a global remedy that requires the latter to sell its chemical admixture business to a single purchaser across multiple jurisdictions.

09 February 2023

New Zealand takes on sluggish competition in the building supplies sector

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has made nine recommendations to remedy lacklustre competition in the residential building supplies market, while revealing it has opened a probe into one of the sector’s biggest companies over its use of quantity-based rebates.

07 December 2022

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