Zürcher, Odio & Raven

Zürcher, Odio & Raven is one of the most important and consolidated law firms in Costa Rica, committed to offering the best legal services in the country. Established in 1936, Zürcher, Odio & Raven is one of the oldest and largest organised law firms in the Central American region. The firm is composed by a team of over 45 lawyers, who provide a full-range portfolio of legal services seeking to fulfil the increasing demands of its growing clientele.In terms of competition law, Zurcher, Odio & Raven’s practice is lead by partner Clauduio Donato Monge, who is a former president of COPROCOM. The firm is, without a doubt, one of the major players in relation to the conducting of procedures before COPROCOM, having provided legal advice in numerous anticompetitive practice investigations; representing both plaintiffs and defendants. The firm represented a plaintiff in an anticompetitive practice investigation that led to the highest fine ever imposed by a Costa Rican competition authority.Since the introduction of the concentration notification regime, Zürcher, Odio & Raven has successfully obtained the authorisation of over 20 different transactions, and it has extensive experience handling matters with COPROCOM.Los Balcones Building Plaza Roble Business Center Escazú San José Costa RicaTel: +506 2201 3848 Fax: +506 2201 7150 www.zurcherodioraven.com

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