Philippine Competition Commission

The Philippine Competition Commission is an independent quasi-judicial body mandated to enforce the Philippine Competition Act, which serves as the primary competition law in the Philippines, and implement the national competition policy. It has primary and original jurisdiction in the enforcement of all competition-related issues across all business sectors. Formally established in 2016, the Commission is composed of a Chairperson and four Commissioners.The PCC promotes and maintains market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct and protects the well-being and efficiency of competition in the market for the benefit of consumers and businesses. The PCC’s mandated functions include, among others, the review of large mergers and acquisitions; investigation and rendering of decisions on antitrust cases; imposition of sanctions and penalties; conduct of economic and legal research on competition-related matters; issuance of advisory opinions; advocating pro-competition culture in policy and business; and monitoring and analysis of the practice of competition in

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