National Commission for Markets and Competition

The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC In Spansh) is an entity that promotes and defends proper functioning of all markets. in the interests of consumers and businesses.

It is a public entity with its own autonomous legal status. it is independent from Spain•s central government but Is subject to parliamentary control. it began its operations on 7 October 2013.

In 2013, the Spanish Parliament decided to merge the regulatory entities (the National Energy Commission, the Commission for the Telecommunications Market, the National Commission for the Postal Sector, the State Council for Audiovisual Media and the Committee for Railway and Airport Regulation) and the authority on competition to ensure legal security and institutional trust, while also preventing unnecessary duplication of the oversight performed by each entity and contradictory decisions on the same subject. With the reform of the institutional architecture of the regulators, an attempt was also made to take advantage of economies of scale and regulate the sectors being administrated by adopting an integrated and multifaceted vision from the perspective of regulation and defence of competition. This was done to adapt this regulation to the changes that have taken place in the economic environment, for the benefit of consumers.

The CNMC exercises its functions through two governing entities: the Board and the President. who is also president of its Board. The Board is the governing body that makes decisions. In addition. the CNMC has four investigative offices (Competition, Energy, Telecommunications and the Audiovisual Sector, and Transport and the Postal Sector).

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