Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto (MHM) is one of the largest full-service international law firms headquartered in Tokyo. A significant proportion of MHM's work is international in nature, representing clients in cross-border transactions, litigation and other dispute resolution proceedings. MHM has over 450 lawyers, including a number of highly respected practitioners and leaders in the Japanese and international legal community, such as a former secretary general of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, prominent law professors and previous Prosecutor-Generals of the Public Prosecutors Office. MHM's antitrust and competition practice is one of the largest and most established in Japan. MHM is regularly involved in the most high-profile and challenging cases in antitrust enforcement in Japan, Asia, and beyond. MHM's track record of successful clearance and favourable outcomes for the client are unrivalled by other law firms in Japan and MHM strives to be the best antitrust and competition practice in the country. Consistently top-ranked in the leading legal directories, MHM's antitrust and competition practice consists of highly qualified lawyers, many of whom are partners and senior associates practising antitrust and competition law on a full-time basis and who have prior experience working abroad and/or working for the JFTC. MHM regularly works with leading firms around the world in representing international clients. As such, MHM's lawyers are fully aware of both the local and international dimensions of antitrust and competition issues and procedures and are fully capable of providing one-stop service for matters of such scope and magnitude with careful planning and coherent strategy.

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