Microeconomix supports clients by providing leading expertise in microeconomics applied to antitrust law and economic analyses applied to energy. We have been involved in many cases before national courts, competition authorities and sectional regulatory agencies as well as in several commercial disputes. Our team has served clients located in different countries (eg, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland).Our antitrust practice has intervened in many antitrust cases in all stages of the judicial process, including prevention, preparation and litigation. We have been engaged in more than 100 cases before the French and European competition authorities. For example, our team has been recently involved in different cases related to mergers (eg, Veolia Transport/Transdev), horizontal agreements (eg, horizontal agreement on interchange fees), abuses of dominance (eg, alleged refusal to deal in the market for Liquefied Petroleum Gas). We have also been consulted to estimate damages and support international disputes (eg, 1plusV/Google). We have also worked on state aid cases.Outside any litigation procedure, Microeconomix also helps clients identify risk-related practices and implement appropriate measures to limit such risk. Our services provide a useful complement to legal advisory services and contribute to designing efficient compliance programmes.Microeconomix develops its activity in Poland. Knowledge of Polish language and local markets enable our team to tailor its services to the specific needs of companies located in Poland. We have experience in addressing arguments of Polish competition authority (UOKiK) and possess a good understanding of Polish competition law.

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