LCA Consultores

Its core competencies are in four areas – macroeconomics, market intelligence, investment and corporate finance, and economics and law. It is the most widely respected and sought-after institution in competition economics in Brazil, with major achievements in antitrust, litigation and regulation. It is a national leader in economics and law. Its practice covers antitrust, regulation, trade defence, private litigation, international disputes, arbitration, tax, financial economics and valuation, and so on. LCA offers a full-service portfolio in this area, from strategic and technical counselling and expert economic opinions to interaction with the Brazilian antitrust and competition defence system, regulatory agencies, and the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. LCA has taken part in almost every high-profile case brought before the Brazilian antitrust authorities to date. In regulation, its practice covers a wide array of industries, such as telecoms, electric power, ports and biofuel. It has led projects in the following sectors, among others: banking, education, chocolate, health care, cement, internet search and advertising, automobile parts, food, beer, petrochemicals and chemicals, retail, tobacco, steel and metallurgy, fertiliser, lenses, fuel, civil aviation, orange juice, pulp and paper, and magazine distribution.LCA’s team has 20 professionals fully dedicated to law and economics, with huge and diversified experience. It partners with many law firms, and is the main economic consultancy of major companies. We have been shortlisted to CGR’s Award ‘Merger Matter – Americas’ three years in a row, and have won it in 2015 with the Kroton-Anhanguera Merger, creating the biggest education firm of the Americas.

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