Lapidot, Melchior, Abramovich & Co

Lapidot, Melchior, Abramovich & Co, established in 2004, is one of Israel’s leading competition law firms and highly recommended by its domestic and international clients and peers, including some of the leading multinational law firms. The firm employs 20 professionals and has taken part in some of the major competition cases in recent years, including: the new legislation intended to enhance competition in the food and retail sector; the computer servers and the Holocaust school trip cartel criminal cases; major and complex mergers and acquisitions; many behavioural matters; and most of the criminal investigations and legal proceedings initiated and handled recently by the Israeli Competition Authority. It is also active in relation to the new legislation intended, inter alia, to ease parallel import and the competition commissioners’ authorities, among others. The firm’s competition practice is led by advocate D Ziv Abramovich, a Who’s Who Legal: Competition nominee since 2008, who was the former director of the enforcement and compliance department at the ICA and a member of its senior management (1997–2002), and the former vice chairman of the Israeli Bar Association’s antitrust committee (2003–2007). The firm has extensive experience in the domestic and international implications of civil and criminal competition issues, regularly advises leading Israeli and foreign clients on various competition matters, and represents them in front of the ICA, the Competition Tribunal and other competent courts. The firm also frequently advises and represents multinational clients regarding the Israeli aspects of international mergers and acquisitions. Lapidot, Melchior, Abramovich & Co has been elected as one of Israel’s leading competition law firms in GCR 100 since 2008.

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