HoustonKemp is dedicated to the application of economics to bring clarity and to complex problems arising in competition, finance, policy, regulation and analytics.Our experts have a long track record in assisting high stakes decision-making through the use of evidence-based economic analysis that is focused, accessible and capable of withstanding the most intense scrutiny. We are regularly sought to advise on the competitive effects of proposed merger transactions, and to provide expert testimony in competition enforcement proceedings. Each of our experts also has a strong public policy grounding, and substantial experience in policy analysis and design.Our experience extends across a wide range of industry sectors, and our clients include corporations, governments, trade associations, and law firms engaged in commercial and criminal litigation. Clients typically come to us in circumstances where it is critical to understand the strengths and weaknesses of options they must choose between, and when decisions by or about them may have profound consequences. In return, we are committed to ensuring that our analysis is focused on the problem at hand, and capable of being translated into conclusions that are clear and practicable.Established in 2014, HoustonKemp has offices in Sydney and Singapore, with clients extending across the entire Asia Pacific region.

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