Fréget Tasso De Panafieu AARPI

The firm supports clients seeking to define and implement strategies of legal action and influence in all areas of competition law, both national and European, before the courts, the competition authorities (DG Competition, ADLC), sector regulatory bodies (Arcep, CSA, CRE) and before the administrative courts. Although litigation is a fundamental concern, the firm’s lawyers, are also involved in the definition of the regulatory dimension of business strategies and in assessment of the feasibility of further refinements of the regulatory framework. So far, the Commission believes this case raises serious doubts as to its compatibility with the internal market. The firm also assists clients in risk management by seeking to diffuse and promote a culture of respect for and understanding of competition on the merits. We assist them in the deployment of IT tools and operating procedures that seek to contain the risk of employee violation of competition rules.Areas and sectors (within competition law) of particular expertise:pharmaceuticals – life sciences;energy;electronic communication – information technology;land and air transport; andmedia (TV, radio, press).  

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