Authority of Consumer Protection and Competition Defence

ACODECO is a decentralized public entity of the State, with its own legal personality, autonomy in its internal regime and independence in the exercise of its functions, and attached to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries. The Authority is subject to the supervision of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws.

The fundamental objective is "to protect and ensure Consumer Rights and the process of free economic competition and free competition, eradicating monopolistic practices and other restrictions in the efficient functioning of the markets for goods and services to preserve the supreme interest of the consumer"

The institutional mystique is to be committed to the well-being of Panamanians as consumers and as producers through the competitive insertion of the country into the global economy, which drives us to be in a proactive state of transformation and changes in the institutional organization to make its management more efficient.

Within this framework of concepts and achievements, the Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition is organized, fundamentally in two National Directorates: National Directorate of Free Competition and National Directorate of Consumer Protection, also with the support of other administrative units that make it possible to achieve institutional objectives.


The Mission of the Authority is to ensure the welfare of the consumer by strengthening a free market economy, promoting a competitive behavior of economic agents, protecting and ensuring the rights of consumers, and creating awareness in the exercise of their duties to through education.


To be an Institution recognized nationally and internationally in the promotion of free markets that benefit consumers, with adherence to the values ​​of transparency, efficiency and equity in the consumption relationship.

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