3M Benelux

When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, some of his equipment was 3M products. Today, 3M innovations can be found in almost all walks of life, work, medicine and technology. No wonder that 51 basic technologies, 8,100 researchers and more than 117,000 registered patents provide the know-how to continuously develop new and creative solutions: Innovation based on conviction - for our customers. That's why we invest more than a billion dollars annually in research and development. Because only knowledge, experience and interdisciplinary thinking can solve today's challenging issues.

3M Belgium

3M has had a branch in the Netherlands since 1958 and a branch in Belgium since 1963. In the Benelux there are approximately 780 people working for 3M spread over 5 locations, including 3 factories.

3M Belgium bvba / sprl, with its head and sales office in Diegem (near Brussels), achieved a turnover of € 298 million in 2019 with a 60% share in exports. The number of employees in Belgium is 565, spread over Diegem and the location in Zwijndrecht. The factory is located in Zwijndrecht. And the laboratory. And since April 2018 also: the Training and Expertise Center.

We believe that innovation arises when people work together and share knowledge. This philosophy forms the basis of our Customer Innovation Center in Delft and our Customer Technology Center in Zwijndrecht (Belgium). Content-rich environments designed for sharing knowledge. We invite our customers to share their challenges with us. In return, we share our expertise, our technologies and our possible solutions.

Our portfolio of technologies is so diverse that we may well have turnkey solutions for your needs. If this turns out not to be the case, we can work together and come up with a better way to do things. We want to stimulate new ways of thinking with hands-on demonstrations, extensive case studies, facilitated workshops and training sessions. All this tailored to the needs of your organization. Ask your 3M contact person for the possibilities and make an appointment for a visit.


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