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Newspapers stack up monopolisation suits against Google

Publishers of 140 newspapers, including the UK's Daily Mail, have alleged Google’s stranglehold over digital advertising has starved them of their most important source of revenue.

21 April 2021

Korean enforcer raids Facebook

Korea’s competition watchdog has reportedly raided Facebook’s local offices over suspicion the company forces app developers to exclusively advertise on its platform.

19 April 2021

Russia probes Yandex over self-preferencing concerns

Russia’s antitrust watchdog has opened an investigation into Yandex over suspicions the company is abusing its dominance in the search engine market by prioritising search results for its own products.

15 April 2021

China gives tech companies one month to fall in line

China’s competition watchdog has given technology companies one month to conduct a comprehensive self-inspection, completely rectify any anticompetitive practices and publicly pledge to comply with the country’s antitrust rules.

14 April 2021

China hits Alibaba with record fine

China’s competition watchdog has hit homegrown technology company Alibaba with a record-shattering €2.34 billion fine for forcing merchants to exclusively use the platform to distribute their products.

12 April 2021

Australian court halts Epic’s case against Apple

An Australian court has agreed to temporarily halt Epic Games’ allegations that Apple illegally maintains its monopoly over the distribution of applications and in-app payments on its mobile platform while nearly identical claims play out in US court.

09 April 2021

UK launches Digital Markets Unit

The UK has launched a new regulator to tackle the market power of large technology companies, but lawyers have warned it is a “cockpit without an engine” in the absence of legislation.

07 April 2021

Google fined in Ukraine for failing to submit information

Ukraine’s competition enforcer has penalised Google for waiting over a year to submit information it requested in connection with an antitrust complaint against the tech company.

07 April 2021

Competition factors into SCOTUS ruling on Google and Oracle’s copyright spat

Allowing Oracle to enforce copyrights on portions of its Java programming code would allow the company to monopolise the market and effectively lock out creative new uses for it, the US Supreme Court has said.

05 April 2021

CMA opens Phase II investigation into Facebook/Giphy

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has launched an in-depth review into Facebook’s €340 million acquisition of Giphy, after the social media company refused to offer remedies to address the authority’s competition concerns.

01 April 2021

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