Topic: Online platforms

UK enforcer cannot review Giphy acquisition, Facebook argues

Despite investigating the deal for almost a year, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority still cannot show that it has jurisdiction to review Facebook’s $400 million acquisition of Giphy, the merging companies have claimed.

14 June 2021

Second Circuit overturns 1-800 Contacts ruling

It was inappropriate for the Federal Trade Commission to use a “quick-look” legal analysis when condemning 1-800 Contacts' trademark settlements as anticompetitive, a New York federal appellate court has said.

13 June 2021

Google agrees to Privacy Sandbox oversight

Adtech players have welcomed commitments from Google that would resolve a UK antitrust investigation of its controversial Privacy Sandbox and subject it to ongoing competition and data protection regulatory scrutiny.

11 June 2021

Guersent responds to Schwab’s DMA amendments

The European Commission is open to competition authorities and national courts enforcing aspects of the Digital Markets Act, the enforcer’s director-general has said.

11 June 2021

House Democrats target tech platforms in draft bills

House Democrats have drafted four pieces of legislation designed to limit conduct and acquisitions involving the largest technology platforms.

11 June 2021

EU Parliament laments pace of Big Tech enforcement

European Parliament has called for the power to summon the heads of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple for a grilling on how their business practices affect competition.

10 June 2021

National enforcers debate their role in DMA enforcement

The EU’s competition authority should commission an expert report on the “institutional and design issues” that need to be addressed before the Digital Markets Act can become law, the head of Greece’s Competition Commission has said.

10 June 2021

Antitrust experts wary of Ohio lawsuit seeking to declare Google a public utility

The State of Ohio has asked a state court to define Google’s search engine as a public utility, but several antitrust experts are sceptical the lawsuit will succeed without the backing of legislation.

10 June 2021

Epic urges Australian court to hear its competition claim

Epic Games has argued that allowing a California court to hear its Australian competition law claims against Apple would “defeat, restrict, limit or diminish” the intended purpose of the law and deprive Australians of the benefits of private enforcement actions.

09 June 2021

Google abolishes “choice screen” auction process

Google has amended the search engine selection screen displayed to Android users setting up their devices following discussions with the European Commission on how best to implement the remedies imposed by the agency’s Android decision.

09 June 2021

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