Topic: Online platforms

Judge to Apple chief executive: Gaming industry is carrying the App Store

The gaming industry seems to be generating more value for Apple than the company can justify, the judge presiding over Epic Games’ monopolisation lawsuit has said.

24 May 2021

IP expert: Epic Games is looking for a free ride

Granting app developers like Epic Games untethered access to the App Store would allow them to free-ride off of Apple’s patented technology, an expert testifying on behalf of the iPhone-maker has said.

21 May 2021

Let national agencies enforce aspects of Digital Markets Act, Spanish head says

Not only should national competition authorities play a key role in influencing the enforcement of the EU’s proposed Digital Markets Act, but they should also assume some of its powers, the head of Spain’s National Commission for Markets and Competition has said.

20 May 2021

Apple executive touts security benefits of its closed ecosystem

Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, has claimed that allowing multiple app stores on the iPhone could derail the security of the mobile operating system.

20 May 2021

Data access orders will require input from companies, German enforcer says

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office will work closely with businesses as and when it issues a decision ordering a company to grant access to its data under far-reaching new competition rules that came into force earlier this year, the head of its General Policy Division has said.

20 May 2021

Argentina hits Facebook with interim measures

Argentina's government has prevented Facebook from rolling out its updated WhatsApp privacy policy until the country’s competition authority has completed an investigation assessing whether the terms of service are anticompetitive.

18 May 2021

German enforcer wins appeal

Germany’s highest court has reinstated the Federal Cartel Office’s ruling that’s narrow price parity clauses infringed competition rules.

18 May 2021

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