Topic: Online platforms

Argentina hits Facebook with interim measures

Argentina's government has prevented Facebook from rolling out its updated WhatsApp privacy policy until the country’s competition authority has completed an investigation assessing whether the terms of service are anticompetitive.

18 May 2021

German enforcer wins appeal

Germany’s highest court has reinstated the Federal Cartel Office’s ruling that’s narrow price parity clauses infringed competition rules.

18 May 2021

Germany uses new powers to probe Amazon

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office is using new legal powers for only the second time to investigate whether Amazon has “paramount significance” for competition in digital markets, ahead of a possible decision to impose behavioural restrictions on the company.

18 May 2021

Korea probing Google over app compatibility

Google is reportedly being investigated by Korea’s communications regulator for allegedly restricting the compatibility of applications on the company’s Android Auto interface when downloaded outside its Play Store, a week after Italy’s competition authority fined the company based on similar concerns.

17 May 2021

South Africa amends merger guidance to capture digital deals

The Competition Commission of South Africa plans to call in below-threshold deals in digital markets to tackle concerns about killer acquisitions, but local lawyers have criticised its “overly cautious” approach.

17 May 2021

Apple expert pushes back on claims about high switching costs

Users of iPhones are not locked into Apple’s ecosystem, but app developers could do more to lower switching costs between mobile platforms, an Apple-hired economist argued during the ninth day of trial in Epic Games’ lawsuit against the tech company.

14 May 2021

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