Steenbergen steps down as Belgian antitrust chief but successor yet to be named

Jacques Steenbergen, the Belgian Competition Authority’s first head since it became an independent agency in 2013, left the post yesterday amidst the government’s inability to appoint his replacement since his mandate expired four years ago.

01 February 2023

Spanish court reinstates UEFA/FIFA injunction in European Super League dispute

A court in Madrid has reimposed an order on UEFA and FIFA that temporarily prevents them from penalising clubs or players that attempted to join the European Super League, branding their claims of protecting the European sporting model a “flimsy excuse”.

01 February 2023

Bipartisan bill continues push for more CFIUS agricultural oversight

A bipartisan and bicameral bill has intensified calls to add the US agriculture secretary as a standing member of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States after the body failed to intervene in the sale of sensitive land in North Dakota to a Chinese company.

01 February 2023

Meta resists certification of “onerous” UK class action

Counsel to Meta Platforms has attacked the claimant’s methodology in a £2.3 billion proposed class action before the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal, calling the claim an “onerous piece of litigation” that ignores the value users place on the social media service.

31 January 2023

Tokyo Olympics cartel probe reportedly secures another confession

Japanese advertising company Dentsu Group has reportedly admitted to colluding to rig dozens of bids to advertise and plan test events for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, less than two months after rival Hakuhodo purportedly confessed its role in the infringement.

31 January 2023

CMA consults on 20-year-old Sky TV deal remedy review

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has proposed re-reviewing past merger cases with an eye to amending or lifting out-of-date remedies, including those imposed two decades ago when Sky acquired full control of an interactive TV services provider.

31 January 2023

Malaysian enforcer rebuts claims it failed to address toll road monopoly

The chair of Malaysia’s antitrust watchdog has responded “to the grave allegations” made by a major industry association that it failed to stop anticompetitive conduct by a toll road monopolist, insisting that the alleged conduct falls outside of its remit.

31 January 2023

Indonesian enforcer uncovers tying practices in cooking oil sector

Indonesia’s Competition Commission has promised to root out anticompetitive conduct in the country’s cooking oil market after a survey found evidence that producers are tying bulk purchases to other products and charging above a government-regulated price cap.

31 January 2023

CCI hits merger review standstill over unprecedented lack of commissioners​​​​​

India’s government is considering allowing the national competition authority to issue merger clearances despite a lack of quorum on its decision-making board, which has forced the agency to suspend all deal approvals since October.

31 January 2023

CAT questions loss to class in Meta collective action

The president of the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has questioned how claimants in a £2.3 billion class action claim against Meta will prove the company’s alleged illegal exploitation of its users’ data caused monetary loss to the class.

30 January 2023

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