Topic: Most favoured nation

California tries its hand at pricing parity case

Amazon illegally prevents merchants from offering products at lower prices on other platforms, the state of California has alleged.

15 September 2022

UK tribunal annuls CMA’s first-ever MFN infringement decision

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has overturned the Competition and Markets Authority’s £17.9 million fine against CompareTheMarket, in a judgment that sets aside the agency’s first-ever decision to punish the use of most-favoured-nation clauses.

09 August 2022

DC court denies reconsideration of Amazon case

The attorney general of Washington, DC, has failed to plead the necessary facts to continue its case alleging Amazon’s price parity rule harmed competition, a local court has ruled.

03 August 2022

Expedia agrees to remove wide MFNs to resolve Japan probe

Expedia has agreed to stop forcing accommodation providers to keep rates on the platform equal to or lower than any other sales channel to resolve concerns raised by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission.

06 June 2022

Tickets available for GCR Live: Antitrust in the Digital Economy

Global enforcers, economists and private practitioners are set to speak at GCR Live: Antitrust in the Digital Economy in San Francisco next month.

29 April 2022

DOJ: Local court improperly dismissed Amazon lawsuit

A Washington, DC, court used improper legal analysis when granting Amazon’s motion to dismiss the District of Columbia’s allegations that the company set an illegal price floor on its marketplace, the Department of Justice has said.

29 April 2022

India probes major domestic food delivery platforms

India’s antitrust agency has ordered its investigative branch to conduct a full probe into the country’s two largest food delivery platforms to check if they are granting preferential treatment to restaurant partners or implementing anticompetitive price parity clauses.

06 April 2022

DC judge dismisses Amazon lawsuit

The attorney general of Washington, DC, has failed to allege that Amazon’s pricing parity rule harmed competition, a local DC court has ruled.

21 March 2022

Japan accepts commitments from to remove MFNs

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has closed a probe into after the online platform agreed to stop forcing accommodation providers to offer it equivalent or more favourable rates than they offer its rivals.

17 March 2022

UK tribunal limits third party confidentiality claims in Compare The Market appeal

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has refused to protect the identities of third parties that spoke to the Competition and Markets Authority during its investigation into Compare The Market’s most favoured nation clauses.

25 February 2022

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