Work Area: Merger Control

Sims criticises government policy after sale of major toll road

Australia’s competition tsar Rod Sims has said the government’s privatisation of the country’s largest toll road illustrates a near-sighted policy that harms competition for bidding on such assets in future.

23 September 2021

EU court upholds largest-ever gun-jumping fine

The EU’s General Court has confirmed the European Commission was correct to fine Altice for gun-jumping but reduced the record-breaking penalty by €6.2 million after finding that the company took steps to inform the enforcer about the deal before it was formally notified.

22 September 2021

EU threatens to impose interim injunction on Illumina/Grail deal

The European Commission plans to impose interim measures on Illumina and Grail to keep their businesses separate after the companies’ “unprecedented” decision to close their deal during the enforcer’s Phase II probe.

21 September 2021

UK watchdog opens Phase II review into Sony Music/AWAL

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has opened an in-depth review into Sony Music Entertainment’s acquisition of independent record label AWAL to determine if the deal will wipe out an up-and-coming competitor.

17 September 2021

DOT ditches plan to retire airline slots over competition concerns

The US Department of Transportation has abandoned efforts to retire 16 peak-hour flight slots at a New Jersey airport after the Department of Justice and a federal appellate court warned that such a move could harm competition.

17 September 2021

French enforcer considers failing firm defence in furniture retail deal

France’s Competition Authority has opened an in-depth review into Mobilux Group’s acquisition of struggling furniture retailer Conforama France, although local lawyers believe it will be difficult for the companies to convince the authority to accept their failing firm defence.

16 September 2021

GCR Live: Merger Control returns to Brussels

Enforcers past and present – including Isabelle de Silva, Christine Wilson and Makan Delrahim – are gearing up to speak at GCR Live: Merger Control in Brussels next month.

14 September 2021

ACCC scrutinises three-to-two anti-plagiarism merger

Australia’s competition watchdog has warned that Turnitin’s acquisition of rival plagiarism detection software provider Ouriginal could potentially eliminate a nascent competitor in the already highly-concentrated market.

10 September 2021

First-ever merger fine signals new era for COMESA

COMESA’s Competition Commission has issued its first-ever merger-related fine on two telecommunications companies for gun-jumping, which observers say marks the “dawn of a new era” for antitrust enforcement in the region.

09 September 2021

FTC likely to rescind 2020 vertical merger guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission is expected to withdraw its support for the 2020 vertical merger guidelines next week following criticism of the guidance from Democratic commissioners.

09 September 2021

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