Work Area: Merger Control

Chinese acquisition of US chemical tech company falls apart amid CFIUS review

A Chinese pharmaceutical company has abandoned its acquisition of a US-based chemical technology business after failing to address concerns raised by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

14 September 2022

DOJ reiterates distaste for merger settlements

Merging parties face a “very high bar” when presenting settlements to the Department of Justice, a member of the Antitrust Division’s front office has said.

13 September 2022

ALJ finds Illumina/Grail foreclosure concerns unfounded

Illumina is unlikely to try to harm Grail’s rivals because doing so would damage the company’s reputation, the Federal Trade Commission’s administrative law judge has ruled.

13 September 2022

Mexico sanctions AT&T and Discovery for gun-jumping after jurisdictional spat

Mexico’s competition enforcer has fined AT&T and Warner Bros Discovery €2.6 million for failing to notify it of their separation of WarnerMedia's Mexican subsidiaries after the country’s telecoms regulator approved the underlying €42.8 billion tie-up last month.

09 September 2022

Judge questions if DOJ met burden in UnitedHealth challenge

The judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s challenge to UnitedHealth’s acquisition of Change Healthcare has prodded the Antitrust Division over whether it showed the deal would substantially reduce competition.

09 September 2022

Portugal issues record gun-jumping fine

The Portuguese Competition Authority has imposed its highest-ever sanction on a company for gun jumping, fining a major charity €2.5 million for failing to notify its acquisition of control over a national Red Cross hospital.

08 September 2022

RV companies offer divestitures to allay concerns in Australia

Motorhome rental companies THL Group and Apollo Tourism & Leisure have offered to divest a significant portion of the latter’s recreational vehicle business in Australia to address concerns that their merger would harm competition.

07 September 2022

Airlines fault DOJ for analysing alliance as a merger

A federal court should ignore the Department of Justice’s economic models predicting competitive harm from the Northeast Alliance because they wrongly assume that American Airlines and JetBlue are merging, the airlines have argued.

07 September 2022

Despite EU block, Illumina/Grail is far from over

The European Commission’s decision to force Illumina to undo its purchase of Grail marks the enforcer’s first prohibition based purely on vertical concerns, but lawyers say the emphasis on protecting future competition will face a tough test before the EU courts.

06 September 2022

EU blocks Ilumina/Grail in landmark decision

The European Commission has blocked a below-threshold merger for the first time in its history, ordering Illumina to divest Grail less than a week after its US counterpart failed to thwart the €5.9 billion tie-up.

06 September 2022

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