Work Area: Merger Control

Lufthansa subsidiary lambasts rival’s request for antitrust probe into codeshare agreements

A subsidiary of Lufthansa has defended its application to the Department of Transportation to codeshare with several European airlines, after a rival carrier criticised the petition as part of an anticompetitive scheme to drive it out of the market.

18 August 2021

Phillips: FTC making huge promises without a clear roadmap

A Republican member of the Federal Trade Commission has said he will keep an open mind about the Democratic majority’s desire to overhaul the agency but questioned the leadership’s plan for implementing any changes.

17 August 2021

Poland challenges private healthcare deal

Poland’s competition authority has refused to clear a merger between a major private healthcare provider and a medical centre unless they offer remedies to address its concerns that the deal could eliminate local rivals.

16 August 2021

Spain accuses Telefónica of violating merger conditions

Spain’s antitrust enforcer has accused Telefónica of violating the conditions of a 2015 merger agreement by entering into an exclusive streaming deal and preventing mobile customers from switching service providers.

13 August 2021

France greenlights toy store takeover with structural remedies

France’s Competition Authority has cleared a deal that will save toy retailer Maxi Toys from bankruptcy, subject to the buyer divesting three of the 95 purchased stores.

13 August 2021

CMA looks to reverse Facebook/Giphy deal

Forcing Facebook to unwind its already completed acquisition of Giphy is likely the only way to solve concerns that the deal has or will harm competition in the markets for social media and display advertising, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said.

12 August 2021

Austria hits medical supplier with gun-jumping fine

Austria’s Cartel Court has approved the competition authority’s third gun-jumping sanction this year, although the agency says potential new amendments to the country's merger control thresholds in 2022 may halve the number of cases it files for failures to notify.

12 August 2021

Canada opens in-depth review into telecoms merger

Canada’s Competition Bureau has launched a Phase II probe into the proposed merger of two telecommunications providers over concerns the deal will likely harm competition in the markets for mobile and broadcasting services.

10 August 2021

Wilson questions whether something may be “afoot” at FTC

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has denounced a string of recent procedural changes by her agency that affect its merger review process, arguing that they collectively “raise the costs of doing mergers and threaten to chill harmful and beneficial deals alike”.

10 August 2021

Dutch enforcer clears funeral deal with structural remedies

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets has cleared funeral service provider DELA’s acquisition of rival Yarden, subject to the merged entity divesting seven crematoria and two funeral homes.

06 August 2021

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