Work Area: Merger Control

Dutch tribunal reinstates original Sanoma/Iddink clearance

A first-instance court was wrong to force the Dutch competition enforcer to reinvestigate a merger between educational materials providers Sanoma Learning and Iddink after previously approving the deal with commitments, an appeals tribunal has said.

15 July 2022

AG Rantos sides with EU enforcer in American Airlines slot dispute

The European Court of Justice should reject an appeal by American Airlines challenging the European Commission’s decision to grant Delta grandfathering rights over certain take-off and landing slots at London Heathrow Airport, an EU advocate general has said.

15 July 2022

General Court upholds EU’s landmark Illumina/Grail Article 22 review

The European Commission correctly interpreted Article 22 of its Merger Regulation when deciding to review Illumina’s below-threshold purchase of Grail since the provision clearly stipulates member states are entitled to refer “any concentration” to the authority, the EU’s General Court has ruled.

13 July 2022

China issues max fines in latest round of gun-jumping penalties

China’s antitrust enforcer has fined Alibaba, Tencent and multiple other technology companies and private equity groups the maximum amount possible for failing to report more than two dozen transactions dating back to 2011.

12 July 2022

EU wary of creating “legislative monster” with new foreign subsidy rules

The head of the European Commission’s taskforce on foreign subsidies has pushed back against criticisms from practitioners that the incoming regulation creates uncertainty, arguing the bloc would have created a “legislative monster” if the new rules were too prescriptive.

12 July 2022

In battle over Spirit Airlines, antitrust takes centre stage

JetBlue’s proposed acquisition of Spirit Airlines would be an anticompetitive “dead end” deal doomed by the airline’s previous entanglements with US antitrust enforcement, Frontier Airlines has said.

06 July 2022

German policy adviser supports break-up orders absent antitrust infringement

Germany’s Monopolies Commission has supported proposals to empower the country’s competition authority to break up companies without first finding an infringement of competition law.

05 July 2022

UK calls for remedies in three-to-two foam deal

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority said it plans to initiate a Phase II probe into a €656 million proposed tie-up between two foam products manufacturers because they are two of only three foam producers with plants in the country.

05 July 2022

Ireland gets long-awaited administrative fines regime

Ireland’s president has officially approved highly-anticipated amendments to the country’s competition law, giving the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission the power to issue fines for anticompetitive conduct for the first time.

04 July 2022

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