Work Area: Merger Control

Brazil challenges health insurance merger over duopoly concerns

Brazil’s competition authority has asked its administrative tribunal to block Hapvida's purchase of rival Smile, less than a year after prohibiting another attempted acquisition by the health insurance provider.

25 November 2022

United States: Platform Economics and Mergers

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

25 November 2022

United States: E-Commerce and Big Data Merger Control

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

25 November 2022

United States: Tech Mergers

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

25 November 2022

UK hones in on vet sector as private equity concerns grow

The UK’s antitrust enforcer is reviewing a veterinary care group’s completed acquisitions of eight independent vet practices, months after warning about creeping sector concentration as a result of private equity-funded buyouts.

24 November 2022

CMA demands remedies in Baker Hughes acquisition

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has told Baker Hughes and Altus Intervention to remedy their proposed transaction to avoid an in-depth probe after finding the deal would wipe out a key competitor in an essential oil supply market.

23 November 2022

Polish court annuls largest-ever antitrust fine on Gazprom

A Polish court has overturned the national competition authority’s record €6.2 billion gun-jumping penalty on Gazprom, ruling that the agency failed to prove the company established a joint venture with five other businesses to construct the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

22 November 2022

Ecuador hands down third-ever merger prohibition

Ecuador’s antitrust enforcer has blocked a pharmacy chain’s planned purchase of a drug importer to prevent the combination of the two largest companies in the national pharmaceutical distribution market.

21 November 2022

DOJ: Northeast Alliance is “robbing Peter to pay Paul”

The Northeast Alliance’s profitability comes from customers rather than efficiencies, the Department of Justice has said.

21 November 2022

Canadian government proposes further amendments to Competition Act

The Canadian government is mulling further competition law amendments, including bolstering the antitrust watchdog’s decision-making powers and altering the efficiencies defence, after several major changes were already introduced in a budget bill this summer.

18 November 2022

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