Work Area: Market Studies & Inquiries

Japan scrutinises mobile sector

Japan’s competition authority has criticised the country’s mobile network operators for imposing high contract cancellation fees and hindering the entry of mobile virtual network operators into the market.

29 June 2018

Platform regulation should not come solely from antitrust, House of Lords told

Legal academics have said that competition authority intervention into digital marketplaces may have unintended consequences for innovation and data protection, and that the House of Lords should promote collaboration among agencies to address concerns about platform dominance.

26 June 2018

France and Germany team up to study algorithms

Two of Europe’s biggest antitrust enforcers have joined together to launch a project looking into algorithms and their “potential” anticompetitive effects.

19 June 2018

Netherlands studies ad revenue models

The Dutch competition authority has launched an inquiry into revenue models in the media sector, to determine whether digitalisation has created one mass media market that includes new platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, or whether the market consists of more traditional fragmented segments.

15 June 2018

Enforcers tackle e-commerce at OECD roundtable

Competition authorities have highlighted concerns about the collection of data in online markets, as well as barriers to entry and territorial restrictions, in a series of submissions ahead of the OECD’s roundtable on the implications of e-commerce for competition policy.

06 June 2018

Enforcers highlight leniency challenges

In preparation for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s roundtable on challenges to leniency, competition authorities across the world have submitted reports about the effectiveness of leniency programmes and how they can be improved.

04 June 2018

Enforcer gets new powers in New Zealand amendments

Amendments to New Zealand’s Commerce Act – which will enable its antitrust enforcer to conduct market studies and accept enforceable settlements – have passed their first reading in the country’s parliament.

03 May 2018

Facebook and Google respond to Australian inquiry

While Facebook and Google insist that the online advertising market is competitive, traditional media content providers call for new means to scrutinise digital platforms, including News Corp’s suggestion of an Algorithm Review Board.

03 May 2018

Portugal lags in fintech, says competition authority

Portugal’s competition enforcer has called on the country’s financial regulators to facilitate financial and insurance technology by introducing “regulatory sandboxes” and adopting an EU directive on payment services.

17 April 2018

UK House of Lords recommends digital advertising inquiry

The House of Lords has said the UK’s competition authority should conduct a market study of digital advertising, to investigate whether the increasingly data-driven market is working fairly for businesses and consumers.

11 April 2018

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