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CMA official backs structural merger remedies

The executive director for markets and mergers at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has defended the enforcer’s preference for structural remedies for deals, even as it has experimented with behavioural remedies in other areas.

14 February 2020

US FTC to study big tech deals for small companies

The US Federal Trade Commission has asked Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft to provide it with information on their previously unreported acquisitions of the past decade.

11 February 2020

CMA to undertake first-ever study of state of competition

The UK’s government has commissioned the Competition and Markets Authority to prepare a report on the nationwide state of competition, marking the first time any antitrust agency has attempted such an expansive study.

05 February 2020

CMA fines tech company for digital ad market study delay

For the first time, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has fined a company for failing to cooperate with a market study information request.

20 January 2020

Greek enforcer proposes press regulator

Greece’s competition enforcer has suggested the government create a new regulator to ensure transparency and fair competition for publishers distributing news and other media.

15 January 2020

EU parliamentary subcommittee “deplores” long-running Google probe

An economic subcommittee of the European Parliament has called on the European Commission to make radical changes to competition policy, and rebuked the enforcer for failing to conclude probes into Google and Apple.

14 January 2020

Platforms should “self-regulate”, says Indian enforcer

The Competition Commission of India has asked online platforms to self-regulate by introducing policies that reduce the imbalance of bargaining power between platform operators and sellers.

09 January 2020

CMA wins praise for digital ad report

Antitrust specialists have weighed in on the UK agency's online platforms and digital advertising interim report, as enforcers in Europe and North America eagerly await the market study’s final results.

20 December 2019

CMA finds Google and Facebook have digital ad market power

The UK’s competition enforcer has recommended regulation to increase competition in the online platform and digital advertising markets, but stopped short of calling for the break-up of technology companies.

18 December 2019

CMA to release digital advertising market study report

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority will release its interim report on its market study into online platforms and digital advertising next week, an official has said.

13 December 2019

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