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Competition concerns require new waste regulator, Ireland says

Ireland’s antitrust authority has backed the creation of a new economic regulator for the household waste collection market, to address competition concerns in a sector it says tends to produce natural monopolies that give consumers little power.

28 September 2018

Danish enforcer must improve case management, report says

Denmark’s National Audit Office has criticised the country’s competition enforcer and state prosecutor for taking too long to conclude antitrust cases.

13 September 2018

Germany doubles down on exploration of antitrust reform in digital age

Germany’s government has set up a new investigatory commission to evaluate whether the country’s competition law should be amended to respond to unique antitrust challenges in the digital economy – a week after another agency published recommendations on the same topic.

12 September 2018

Israel begins digital economy inquiry

Israel’s Antitrust Authority has begun a review examining competition within the country’s digital economy, soliciting feedback on whether it should adapt its approach within the online market.

05 September 2018

Financial regulators need “competition champion”, Australian report says

In a damning report that criticises the lack of competition in the financial services sector, an Australian governmental research body has recommended that the country’s antitrust watchdog lead reform of the industry.

07 August 2018

UK hires US expert to review digital competition

The UK government has appointed former US presidential economic advisor Jason Furman to lead an expert panel on digital competition, which may complement the Competition and Markets Authority’s new data unit that is set to launch this month.

03 August 2018

UK regulator scrutinises Visa and Mastercard payment services

The UK’s Payment Systems Regulator has launched a market inquiry into card payment services because it is concerned that acquirers are taking advantage of merchants by not passing on interchange fee savings.

25 July 2018

Netherlands to study mobile phone app market

Google’s and Apple’s relations with third-party application providers will be subject to scrutiny in a broad new study by the Netherlands’ Authority for Consumers & Markets of the mobile app sector.

25 July 2018

CMA calls for pension scheme reforms

A report by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority contains provisional findings from its investment consultancy and fiduciary management sector inquiry, which suggests mandating that pension trustees tender for the job of fiduciary manager before acquiring one.

18 July 2018

Digital regulation and pricing may harm competition, German policy advisor warns

Germany's Monopolies Commission has said the constantly evolving digital marketplace may have led to overregulated media and platforms – as well as a need to watch out for pricing algorithms that enable collusion.

06 July 2018

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