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South African enforcer halts market inquiries because of budget constraints

A funding shortage has forced South Africa’s antitrust authority to pause several market inquiries and investigations until the start of the new financial year in April.

25 January 2019

UK calls for airline slot allocation reform

While the UK’s antitrust watchdog urges an auction-based model of allocating airport slots – the right to take off or land at a given time – a leading European aviation lawyer has derided the enforcer’s recommendations as “poorly thought out [and] poorly substantiated.”

19 December 2018

UK audit sector not fit for purpose, enforcer says

Companies that operate both audit and consulting services should be split into separate companies with separate management, accounts and remuneration in order to improve the quality of auditing services, the UK’s competition enforcer has said.

18 December 2018

FTC needs to study markets more, Chopra and advisor say

The Federal Trade Commission should return to requiring companies to disclose more data that is not part of a specific enforcement action, commissioner Rohit Chopra and one of his attorney advisors have separately said.

14 December 2018

COFECE probes market for card payment systems

Mexico’s competition enforcer is investigating the card payment systems market for barriers to entry, which could end with the agency imposing remedies on the market.

29 October 2018

UK begins audit sector market study

The UK’s competition authority has launched a market study into the audit sector, following calls from lawmakers for the break-up of the so-called Big Four accountancy firms.

10 October 2018

Competition concerns require new waste regulator, Ireland says

Ireland’s antitrust authority has backed the creation of a new economic regulator for the household waste collection market, to address competition concerns in a sector it says tends to produce natural monopolies that give consumers little power.

28 September 2018

Danish enforcer must improve case management, report says

Denmark’s National Audit Office has criticised the country’s competition enforcer and state prosecutor for taking too long to conclude antitrust cases.

13 September 2018

Germany doubles down on exploration of antitrust reform in digital age

Germany’s government has set up a new investigatory commission to evaluate whether the country’s competition law should be amended to respond to unique antitrust challenges in the digital economy – a week after another agency published recommendations on the same topic.

12 September 2018

Israel begins digital economy inquiry

Israel’s Antitrust Authority has begun a review examining competition within the country’s digital economy, soliciting feedback on whether it should adapt its approach within the online market.

05 September 2018

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