Work Area: Market Studies & Inquiries

COFECE suspends enforcement decisions over lack of commissioners

Mexico’s antitrust authority is facing a decision-making standstill after it was forced to suspend several of its procedural deadlines because the country’s president has failed to propose new commissioners to the senate.

02 February 2022

Motorola loses bid to block CMA market investigation

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has rejected the first-ever judicial challenge to the national antitrust enforcer’s decision to open a market investigation.

01 February 2022

China reiterates commitment to tackle antitrust issues in pharma sector

China will strengthen enforcement against anticompetitive conduct in the pharmaceutical sector, according to a statement issued by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

31 January 2022

UK targets record labels and streaming services in latest tech-focused market study

The UK’s antitrust enforcer is analysing the state of competition in music streaming markets after a parliamentary committee flagged its concerns about the power of some record companies and streaming services.

27 January 2022

France launches cloud computing market study

France’s Competition Authority has launched a sector inquiry into the cloud computing market to determine if it raises competition concerns, marking the first time the agency will use data scientists to conduct a market study alongside lawyers and economists.

27 January 2022

JFTC: undervaluing IPOs could be an antitrust problem

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is reportedly set to warn against undervaluing a company during an initial public offering as such behaviour could run afoul of the country’s competition law.

27 January 2022

EU’s internet of things study pinpoints concerns

The European Commission’s smart device sector inquiry has confirmed its preliminary concerns about potential barriers to entry and tying practises in the market for voice assistants, as well as a lack of interoperability across the wider sector.

20 January 2022

UK finance regulator to probe competition in wholesale data markets

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority said it will examine the state of competition in two separate data markets after benchmark providers and investment companies raised concerns related to high entry barriers for new entrants.

12 January 2022

Apple and Google have a “vice-like” grip over mobile phone use, CMA says

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally found that Apple’s and Google’s duopoly enables them to control how online content is provided to users and to tilt the playing fields towards their own services.

14 December 2021

FTC demands info on supply chain disruptions

The Federal Trade Commission has ordered prominent retailers, suppliers and wholesalers to produce documents to help the agency investigate how product delays and shortages have harmed competition.

30 November 2021

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