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EU lawmakers support competition policy reform

The European Parliament has passed a resolution advising the European Commission to adapt its competition enforcement tools and step up international cooperation, while calling for greater protection of industrial champions.

19 June 2020

France examines blockchain and cloud storage in fintech inquiry

France’s Competition Authority is studying the competitive effects of new payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay on the financial services market.

20 May 2020

EU set to examine digital gatekeepers

The European Commission is seeking experts to conduct a five-month study into the gatekeeping power of digital platforms.

11 May 2020

JFTC concerned about interbank fees

Japan’s competition watchdog has urged banks to review their interbank transfer fees, which have remained unchanged for over 40 years.

23 April 2020

Sector regulator cooperation strengthens digital enforcement, CMA report finds

The UK’s competition enforcer is increasingly sharing forensic and data-collection expertise with sector regulators to strengthen their competition enforcement powers.

20 April 2020

Facebook and Google criticise CMA digital ad study

Facebook and Google have disputed findings and proposals contained in the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s interim digital advertising report, including the creation of a code of conduct for some platforms.

14 April 2020

Greek enforcer plans three market inquiries per year

Greece’s Competition Commission has set itself a target of initiating three market inquiries a year and intends to launch further studies into the financial technology and private healthcare markets in 2020.

03 April 2020

Greece launches e-commerce sector inquiry

Greece’s Competition Commission has launched an e-commerce sector inquiry to assess if artificial intelligence and algorithms are harming consumers.

01 April 2020

Horizontal exemption rules “unlikely to suffice” in the face of digitisation, critics say

The European Commission’s horizontal block exemption regulations fail to adequately provide for procompetitive cooperation in the digital economy, lawyers and market players have said.

01 April 2020

DG Comp offers “informal” coronavirus guidance

The European Commission is “ready to guide” companies and lawyers on acceptable cooperation agreements during the coronavirus pandemic.

31 March 2020

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