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Khan calls on FTC to explore new ways to block gas station mergers

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has said she is directing staff to explore new ways to challenge mergers between retail gas outlets.

31 August 2021

Phillips: FTC making huge promises without a clear roadmap

A Republican member of the Federal Trade Commission has said he will keep an open mind about the Democratic majority’s desire to overhaul the agency but questioned the leadership’s plan for implementing any changes.

17 August 2021

New Zealand launches new regulatory regime to promote fuel competition

New Zealand has implemented new regulation to stimulate competition in the country’s fuel market, after a market study in 2019 found that the sector should be more competitive.

11 August 2021

Greek market study finds weaknesses in EU platform regulation

Greece’s Competition Commission has released an interim report in its e-commerce sector inquiry, which highlights the possible prevalence of resale price maintenance and weaknesses in EU regulation.

03 August 2021

Malaysia looking into food delivery platforms

Malaysia’s Competition Commission has launched an inquiry into the food delivery sector in the wake of “public outcry” about high commission fees and the price of food on the major delivery platforms.

02 August 2021

New Zealand market study finds structural problems in grocery sector

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has suggested breaking up the incumbent supermarket duopoly “as a last resort” after a market study found a lack of competition in the grocery sector.

30 July 2021

Cambodian competition law should apply to state-owned companies, says OECD

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has recommended that Cambodia does not exempt state-owned enterprises from its upcoming competition law and works to boost competition in the ports and shipping sectors.

28 July 2021

Spanish study finds Google, Facebook dominate digital ad sector

A market study by the Spanish antitrust watchdog has found that the country's digital advertising sector is dominated by Facebook and Google, which together control more than 70% of the market’s revenue.

27 July 2021

UK’s electric car charging study jumpstarts antitrust probe

The UK’s antitrust enforcer is investigating exclusivity agreements between an electric vehicle charging provider and three major UK service station operators, after a market study found a lack of chargepoints may prevent drivers from switching to electric cars.

23 July 2021

Sayyed fears competition rulemaking is a waste of time

Attempts by the Federal Trade Commission’s Democratic majority to write antitrust rules are likely a waste of time, a former commission official has said.

23 July 2021

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