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Rebates stunting competition in residential building supplies market, NZCC finds

New Zealand’s antitrust authority has encouraged companies in the residential building supplies market to reconsider the use of quantity-based rebates ahead of next year’s introduction of an effects test for the country’s misuse of market power rules.

03 August 2022

France refines cloud sector inquiry

France’s Competition Authority has proposed honing in on so-called “hyperscaler” technology companies that could use vertical integration or other competitive advantages to boost their positions in the cloud services sector.

20 July 2022

South Africa urges Google to make paid advertising boxes more competitive

South Africa’s antitrust enforcer is urging Google to allow rivals to compete more easily for prominence on its search engine and has proposed capping application store commission fees after two years of a digital markets inquiry.

15 July 2022

CMA opens fuel market inquiry over price gap concerns

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has launched a market study into the fuel sector after an urgent initial review found “cause for concern”, while Austria’s antitrust enforcer said it will alert the European Commission after concluding its own fuel market inquiry.

08 July 2022

CMA launches urgent fuel retail market inquiry

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is conducting a “short and focused” review of the fuel retail market following an urgent request from the country’s government over the “concerning” rise in prices.

14 June 2022

UK mobile ecosystems study spawns new Google probe, potential market investigation

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has begun investigating Google’s app store restrictions while consulting on whether to launch a market investigation into mobile browsers and cloud gaming.

10 June 2022

UK and EU enforcers warned over recruitment concerns

The UK’s National Audit Office has warned that Brexit could hinder the national antitrust authority’s ability to attract new talent, while a separate report published by the EU Ombudsman has said that the European Commission risks undermining its integrity without a more robust “revolving doors” policy.

23 May 2022

Apple and Google oppose Australia’s proposed regulatory reform

Apple and Google have pushed back against a possible new regulatory framework for digital platforms in Australia, with the former arguing that the proposals target hypothetical rather than existing problems.

10 May 2022

UK government delays planned crackdown on digital markets

The UK government has published its proposals for the country’s new digital markets competition regime, but warned that legislation needed to implement the rules may not be passed until next year.

06 May 2022

ACCC raises self-preferencing concerns from online marketplace algorithms

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has raised concerns that the algorithms employed by the country’s top online marketplaces could be used to preference their own products to the detriment of rival sellers.

28 April 2022

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