Work Area: Market Studies & Inquiries

UK telecoms regulator to probe Amazon, Microsoft and Google in cloud sector study

The UK’s Office of Communications is launching a study into the cloud services sector to identify any competition concerns arising from the market power of Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

22 September 2022

Germany eyes sector inquiry break-up powers

Germany’s economic ministry has proposed giving the national antitrust watchdog heftier sector inquiry powers while making it easier for the agency to “skim off” profits gained from anticompetitive conduct.

21 September 2022

Saudi report flags competition concerns in automotive sector

Saudi Arabia’s antitrust enforcer has warned that competition in the country’s automotive sector needs a fix, after a report revealed concerns about possible abuse of dominance by original equipment manufacturers.

14 September 2022

Dutch enforcer wants legislative fix for cloud competition concerns

The Dutch competition authority has proposed amendments to the draft European Data Act, after its cloud computing sector inquiry identified interoperability concerns in the already highly concentrated market.

05 September 2022

Waitrose removes anticompetitive clauses to resolve CMA concerns

Waitrose has agreed to remove unlawful clauses from leases that prevented competing supermarkets from opening new stores in certain locations, two years after the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority found a rival retailer breached the same order.

05 September 2022

CMA warns proposed rail reforms could harm competition

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said the government’s proposal to allow rail operators to share information to improve passenger services is a prima facie competition law risk but a “well-designed” regime could curtail its concerns.

30 August 2022

New Zealand threatens price regulation if supermarkets don’t open up wholesale arms

New Zealand’s government has ordered the country’s supermarket duopolists to voluntarily provide rivals with fair access to their wholesale products or face price regulation.

26 August 2022

Portugal focuses on public bid-rigging amid growing inflation concerns

Portugal’s antitrust enforcer has doubled down on its enforcement against public procurement cartels amidst rising inflation, while urging governments not to implement price controls to tackle the rising cost of living.

17 August 2022

ACCC launches inquiry into social media services

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched an inquiry into the state of competition for social media services, including how businesses use display advertising, sponsored posts and paid influencers to engage with and advertise to consumers.

16 August 2022

EU seeks independent studies on digital remedies and state of competition

The European Commission has issued two separate tender requests seeking external studies into the effectiveness of its remedies in past digital cases and the state of competition in the bloc.

12 August 2022

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