Topic: Margin squeeze

Bulgaria accuses Lukoil of margin squeeze in motor fuel market

Bulgaria’s antitrust watchdog has alleged that Lukoil Bulgaria abused its dominance by operating a margin squeeze in the wholesale motor fuel market, less than a year after accusing the oil company of unlawfully restricting fuel imports.

30 September 2022

UK Supreme Court rejects Royal Mail abuse of dominance appeal

The UK’s top court has refused to hear Royal Mail’s appeal against a decision upholding its £50 million abuse of dominance fine from the country’s communications regulator, ending the hotly-contested saga over the agency’s largest-ever antitrust penalty.

20 June 2022

EFTA court upholds regional enforcer’s largest-ever fine

The European Free Trade Association Court has upheld a €112 million fine that the region’s competition authority imposed on Telenor for abusing its dominance in the wholesale mobile broadband market.

09 May 2022

Italian court overturns TIM’s €3.7 million margin squeeze fine

An Italian court has annulled the national antitrust authority’s €3.7 million penalty to Telecom Italia for operating a margin squeeze in the bulk text messaging market, seven months after overturning an even larger fine on Vodafone Italia for the same conduct.

13 April 2022

Spain sanctions Correos again for offering exclusive discounts

Spain’s antitrust watchdog has fined the country’s incumbent postal service €32.6 million for unlawfully offering exclusive discounts to its corporate customers, four years after the Supreme Court overturned a smaller fine against the company for similar conduct.

24 February 2022

EU committed ‘serious breach’ by withholding default interest, General Court rules

The EU’s General Court has ordered the European Commission to pay Deutsche Telekom €1.75 million in compensation after the enforcer refused to pay the company default interest when its margin squeeze fine was slashed by €12 million.

19 January 2022

Top South African court reinstates private hospital deal block

South Africa’s highest court has backed the country’s antitrust authority and specialist competition tribunal in blocking a private healthcare deal, as it criticised an appellate court for overturning a prohibition decision that was not “clearly wrong”.

18 October 2021

Paris court quashes abuse claims against Orange in SFR saga

A French appellate court has once again dismissed SFR’s abuse of dominance complaint against Orange, finding that the latter complied with measures imposed by the country’s telecommunications regulator when refusing to offer a particular pricing plan for network access.

01 October 2021

Court throws out Vodafone Italia’s margin squeeze fine

An Italian court has quashed the national competition enforcer’s €5.7 million fine to Vodafone Italia for operating a margin squeeze in the bulk text messaging market, two months after overturning another major antitrust ruling against the telecommunications company and its rivals.

17 September 2021

Telecom Italia and Vodafone settle five antitrust claims

Telecom Italia and Vodafone have agreed to end all legal disputes between themselves, including five antitrust cases that saw Vodafone seeking more than €2 billion in damages from Italy’s leading telecommunications provider.

12 August 2021

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