Topic: Legislation and guidance

South Africa amends merger guidance to capture digital deals

The Competition Commission of South Africa plans to call in below-threshold deals in digital markets to tackle concerns about killer acquisitions, but local lawyers have criticised its “overly cautious” approach.

17 May 2021

EU to update horizontal block exemption rules

The European Commission is considering how to revise its horizontal block exemption rules after concluding that they do not give proper guidance on agreements in digital markets or on sustainability collaborations.

06 May 2021

EU proposes rules for foreign subsidies

The European Commission has announced plans to tackle foreign subsidies that may harm competition within the EU single market by introducing a new notification system for deals that are partly financed by non-EU governments.

05 May 2021

Congress sets sights on pharma legislation

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a bundle of bills on Thursday designed to empower the Federal Trade Commission to stop branded pharmaceutical companies from delaying market entry of generic competition.

30 April 2021

Phillips: Not enough evidence to support calls for stronger presumptions

There is not enough evidence yet to justify proposals to shift the presumption of guilt to large companies accused of violating US antitrust law, Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips has said.

29 April 2021

China’s top court says it will prioritise antitrust adjudication

China's highest court has pledged to provide updated guidance on how it intends to apply the country’s antitrust laws.

28 April 2021

Supreme Court curtails FTC’s ability to seek monetary relief for consumers

The Supreme Court has determined that the Federal Trade Commission does not have the authority to seek restitution or disgorgement under Section 13(b) of the FTC Act.

23 April 2021

Apple and Google face questions over alleged abuses of power

Officials from Apple and Google have attempted to fend off attacks from app developers and senators over the companies’ dominance of their mobile app stores.

22 April 2021

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