Topic: Legislation and guidance

Agencies publish new vertical merger guidelines

The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have published new guidelines for analysing vertical mergers.

01 July 2020

EU enforcer consults on market definition notice

Competition law experts say the European Commission’s review of its market definition notice is long overdue and new guidance should better evaluate the realities of an increasingly digital economy, including two-sided markets and network effects.

29 June 2020

Mexican enforcer picks fight with government over electricity rules

Mexico’s antitrust watchdog has urged the country’s highest court to block a government regulation that effectively grants the state-owned energy company a de facto monopoly over wholesale electricity distribution, warning that it violates the constitution and harms competition.

23 June 2020

UK expands public interest merger review powers

A new law will come into force on Tuesday, empowering the UK government to review and block foreign takeovers that would otherwise threaten its ability to deal with public health emergencies.

22 June 2020

EU lawmakers support competition policy reform

The European Parliament has passed a resolution advising the European Commission to adapt its competition enforcement tools and step up international cooperation, while calling for greater protection of industrial champions.

19 June 2020

Spain promises to credit compliance schemes

Spain’s antitrust enforcer has released welcome new guidance on compliance programmes and potential fine discounts, creating what lawyers say is a “real incentive” for companies to introduce truly effective internal policing schemes.

19 June 2020

EU foreign subsidy white paper leaves more questions than answers, lawyers say

Competition lawyers have said sweeping proposals to curb anticompetitive foreign subsidies from outside the European Union need more clarification on how the rules will be enforced.

18 June 2020

DOJ recommends Congress end platform immunity for antitrust claims

The Department of Justice has encouraged Congress to specify that section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which limits the legal liability of online platforms, does not apply in federal antitrust cases.

18 June 2020

Turkey passes amendments to competition law

Turkish competition lawyers have said amendments to the country’s competition law will align it closer to the EU’s antitrust regime.

17 June 2020

Mexico stalls bill to create new antitrust authority

A Mexican lawmaker has postponed a proposal to unify the country’s competition enforcer with two other regulators after opposition lawmakers criticised the plan as a power grab.

16 June 2020

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