Topic: Legislation and guidance

CMA likely to intervene in private competition claims, says official

The director of litigation at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said the enforcer is likely to increasingly intervene in private antitrust claims before the national courts as an interested third party despite never using this power before.

30 September 2021

DOJ official says FRAND licensing disputes could raise competition concerns

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division has resignalled its intention to depart from its previous leadership’s stance on intellectual property disputes, after its top-ranking economist said a refusal to license a standardised technology on fair terms could violate US competition laws.

30 September 2021

Taiwanese official says competition agency is not considering digital platform regulation

Taiwan’s antitrust enforcer does not think new ex ante competition regulation is needed to tackle concerns about digital media markets and will instead rely on the country’s existing regime to address any possible issues, a top official at the agency has said.

29 September 2021

Expert evidence should be more transparent, appellate court judge says

Expert witnesses in competition cases should rely on the same data sources when presenting evidence and only cite peer-reviewed literature to support their arguments, so as to improve wider transparency, a judge at the Court of Appeal of England and Wales has said.

24 September 2021

Wilson questions FTC’s future as a global leader

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has claimed that her agency’s apparent lack of interest in transparency could affect its influence worldwide.

22 September 2021

FTC withdraws approval of 2020 vertical merger guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission has voted three-to-two along party lines to rescind its approval of the 2020 vertical merger guidelines as both Republican commissioners voiced concerns about the lack of a replacement.

16 September 2021

FTC Democrats: Commission needs to examine merger reporting requirements

Democratic members of the Federal Trade Commission have said the agency’s study into past acquisitions by large technology companies shows why it should look into merger reporting requirements.

16 September 2021

Tencent and Alibaba commit to open up platforms to rivals in China

Chinese technology companies Tencent and Alibaba have agreed to unblock competitors from operating on their platforms, which observers say will lower market barriers and could indicate the end of China’s “tolerance” towards homegrown Big Tech companies.

15 September 2021

Wilson cautions against competition rulemaking

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson and former FTC official Daniel Francis have expressed apprehension about trying to use the agency’s rulemaking authority to address unfair methods of competition.

15 September 2021

EU outlines upcoming sustainability guidance

The European Commission has confirmed it will consider environmental benefits as efficiencies when assessing if cooperation agreements can be exempted from competition rules, although some experts believe the enforcer is wrong to limit that analysis to the specific affected market.

10 September 2021

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