Topic: Legislation and guidance

Cambodia becomes final ASEAN country to adopt competition law

Cambodia has adopted a long-awaited competition law that includes all three traditional pillars of enforcement – anticompetitive agreements, abuses of dominance and merger control – as well as potential jail time for cartellists.

25 October 2021

Lobbyists flood Congress over tech antitrust bills

At least 35 companies and advocacy groups have lobbied Congress on legislation designed to limit platforms like Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook from prioritising their own products and services, according to recent disclosure forms.

22 October 2021

Top House antitrust lawyer: Complainants prioritising principles over profits

Antitrust complainants are influenced more by a moral imperative to report misconduct than the threat of retaliation from digital companies whose services they rely upon, the House antitrust subcommittee’s top attorney has said.

21 October 2021

Prior approval provisions in merger settlements will become more common, Khan says

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has said the agency will increasingly include prior approval provisions in merger settlements to help deter anticompetitive deals.

18 October 2021

Senate to introduce tweaked non-discrimination bill focused on tech platforms

A bipartisan group of senators plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit a select group of tech platforms from preferencing their own products and services in a way deemed harmful to competition.

15 October 2021

EU official outlines alternatives to new Article 22 position

The European Commission considered adopting value-based thresholds or introducing a voluntary merger notification system instead of accepting below-threshold referrals, the agency’s deputy-director of mergers has disclosed.

07 October 2021

UK open banking chair resigns as CMA oversight failures slammed

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is partly to blame for the failings in governance at the open banking regulator it oversees, which in turn had a “culture of bullying and intimidation”, an independent report has concluded.

04 October 2021

Powers stresses cooperation with FTC on merger enforcement

Acting assistant attorney general Richard Powers has emphasised that collaboration with the Federal Trade Commission is a top priority for the Antitrust Division as the FTC pushes ahead with a stricter approach to merger enforcement.

04 October 2021

Digital regulation will foster innovation instead of constraining it, European enforcers say

The heads of the EU, UK and German competition agencies have rejected suggestions that digital regulation is a “straitjacket” to innovation, arguing that a lack of competition is the true obstacle to new products and services.

01 October 2021

Consumer protection powers should complement antitrust enforcement, Mundt says

Competition agencies should also have the power to enforce consumer protection laws to properly tackle problems in digital markets, the president of Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has said.

30 September 2021

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