Topic: Legislation and guidance

CMA consults on lowering discount for RPM leniency applicants

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has proposed that companies that apply for leniency after it has opened a resale price maintenance investigation should only receive a 50% penalty discount.

31 July 2020

German report recommends EU digital regulation

Germany's Monopolies Commission has recommended that digital platforms should be regulated at an EU level and forced to divest parts of their business if their abusive conduct has lasting effects on market structure.

31 July 2020

Australia unveils pay-for-news law for Facebook and Google

Australian news publishers – collectively if they choose – will be able to negotiate with Facebook and Google to receive payment for their content under draft legislation that was published today.

31 July 2020

France issues fresh merger guidelines

France’s Competition Authority has published new merger guidelines, which give companies greater pre-notification powers and clarification on the authority’s simplified merger procedure.

27 July 2020

Indonesian enforcer calls for more power as competition amendments stall

Indonesia’s top competition official has said that the agency needs more power in the face of a rapidly changing economy, although efforts to amend the country’s 21-year-old competition law have stalled.

27 July 2020

Ninth Circuit judge questions generic drugmakers on imminent harm

Judge Andrew Hurwitz of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has asked generic drugmakers why they need to block a California law restricting pay-for-delay settlements if they do not plan to enter into such agreements.

17 July 2020

Dutch enforcer taking “leading role” on sustainability, lawyers say

Competition lawyers say new draft guidelines from the Dutch competition enforcer on sustainability agreements are flexible and innovative, but some have concerns that it could “open the door” for cartels.

10 July 2020

Dutch authority proposes sustainability agreement guidelines

The Dutch antitrust watchdog has issued new draft guidelines on how it intends to evaluate sustainability agreements, which would permit otherwise anticompetitive collaboration if the environmental benefits for society outweigh potential harm.

09 July 2020

EU receives mixed reviews on gatekeeper regulation

Google and Facebook have recommended that the European Commission adopt a case-by-case approach when intervening in digital markets, while companies including Microsoft and Yelp have argued for a blanket ban on certain conduct.

08 July 2020

Philippine enforcer warns against suspending enforcement powers

The Philippine Competition Commission has said that certain provisions in a bill aimed at accelerating the recovery from the covid-19 pandemic could harm its welfare-enhancing objectives and the overall state of competition.

08 July 2020

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