Topic: Legislation and guidance

Coscelli “frustrated” with lack of digital regulation

The UK antitrust enforcer’s chief executive has lamented that the country has fallen behind the EU on digital regulation, warning that new powers are urgently needed to tackle the world’s first “global monopolies”.

09 February 2022

Canadian government signals antitrust reform on horizon

Canada’s government has said it plans to “carefully evaluate” how to improve the country’s antitrust legislation, as it singled out wage-fixing agreements, the digital economy and modernisation of its sanctions regime as key areas of focus.

07 February 2022

EU drafts guidance on dual distribution information exchanges

The European Commission has set out new guidance dealing with information exchange in dual distribution systems, which seemingly backtracks on a controversial proposal to only exempt these exchanges from competition rules when the parties’ market share is less than 10%.

07 February 2022

App store bill easily clears Senate committee

Legislation that would allow developers to bypass Google and Apple’s app store commissions has advanced through the Senate Judiciary Committee with broad bipartisan support.

04 February 2022

EU urged to adapt competition rules to protect football clubs

A group of EU citizens has petitioned the European Commission to make substantive changes to the bloc’s competition rules to protect the structure of European football and guard against rogue investors.

03 February 2022

Semiconductor component deal collapses over foreign investment review

The collapse of a proposed merger between Taiwan-based Global Wafers and its rival Siltronic because Germany’s economic ministry missed its foreign investment review deadline highlights how unpredictable the country's national security regime has become, even for deals involving non-Chinese buyers, lawyers have told GCR.

03 February 2022

Ex-FTC official: Journalism antitrust legislation would harm consumers

A former Federal Trade Commission official has told the Senate’s antitrust subcommittee that legislation aimed at balancing the power between news organisations and big technology companies would create a national news cartel that would harm consumers.

03 February 2022

COFECE suspends enforcement decisions over lack of commissioners

Mexico’s antitrust authority is facing a decision-making standstill after it was forced to suspend several of its procedural deadlines because the country’s president has failed to propose new commissioners to the senate.

02 February 2022

Ireland publishes competition amendment bill

Ireland’s government has unveiled its highly-anticipated competition amendment bill, proposing enhanced powers for the country’s competition enforcer in legislation that aligns with antitrust law across the EU.

31 January 2022

Israeli enforcer seeks feedback on conglomerate and digital mergers

Israel’s Competition Authority is considering whether it needs to update its merger control regime to give it more power over deals in the food and technology markets, as well as to ensure it is correctly assessing conglomerate tie-ups.

27 January 2022

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