Topic: Legislation and guidance

Hong Kong issues guidance on trade associations

Hong Kong’s antitrust authority has warned that overly strict membership criteria for trade associations can be “especially damaging” to individuals or businesses and run afoul of the territory’s competition rules.

03 August 2021

Singapore to publish business collaboration guidance

Singapore’s antitrust authority is seeking feedback on its proposed business collaboration guidance, aiming to clarify how it will assess the most common types of competitor coordination.

02 August 2021

Sims warns of pitfalls to privatisation

The head of Australia’s competition authority has warned that privatisation can create monopolies and lead to higher prices, reduced efficiency and economic harm when it does not allow for competition or regulation.

30 July 2021

New Zealand market study finds structural problems in grocery sector

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has suggested breaking up the incumbent supermarket duopoly “as a last resort” after a market study found a lack of competition in the grocery sector.

30 July 2021

France revises penalty guidance

France’s Competition Authority has updated its fining notice after 10 years, which clarifies changes introduced by the ECN+ Directive as well as expanding how it calculates the seriousness of infringing conduct.

30 July 2021

Lawmakers rebuke letter from federal judiciary’s administrative office

Four members of Congress have criticised the Administrative Office of the US Courts (AO) for voicing concerns about pending legislation that would prohibit defendants from transferring antitrust legislation brought by state attorneys general to other courts.

30 July 2021

UK government proposes major overhaul of competition rules

The UK government has released a slew of proposals intended to beef up the country’s competition regime, including a revamp of existing market investigation powers and a new status quo whereby the executive could intervene more readily in steering competition policy.

20 July 2021

Greece consults on regulatory “sandbox” for sustainability initiatives

Greece’s Competition Commission is seeking feedback on plans to establish a regulatory sandbox that would allow businesses to test and pursue sustainability agreements without the fear of violating competition rules.

16 July 2021

Singapore proposes renewing block exemption for liner shipping

Singapore’s competition agency has proposed renewing a block exemption for liner shipping agreements that allows for price discussions among competitors.

15 July 2021

US antitrust agencies plan to take “hard look” at merger guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice have said they intend to jointly review their merger guidelines following President Joe Biden’s signing of an executive order aimed at promoting competition in the US economy.

12 July 2021

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