Law: Sherman Antitrust Act 1890 (USA)

Third Circuit reaffirms denial of Niaspan buyers’ class cert

A group of end-purchasers of cholesterol medication Niaspan cannot obtain class certification in a lawsuit against drugmakers Abbvie and Teva Pharmaceuticals, an appellate court has confirmed.

09 May 2023

Intel prevails over “vague” monopolisation claims

An inventor of locking device technologies has failed to persuade an appellate court that Intel unlawfully used his patents in a scheme to block rivals from entering the market for computers and central processing units.

09 May 2023

DOJ opposes trial consolidation in JetBlue/Spirit challenge

Consumers challenging JetBlue’s $3.8 billion purchase of Spirit Airlines must wait until after the government’s trial to present their case to a jury, the Department of Justice has said.

05 May 2023

Court rejects patent infringement claims in covid-19 sham litigation case

A covid-19 test manufacturer accusing a rival of sham litigation to monopolise the market for genetic testing using saliva has proven it did not infringe upon any patents, but its new antitrust claims are barred by the First Amendment, a California federal court has ruled.

04 May 2023

NCAA says plaintiffs’ damages request would violate Title IX

The National Collegiate Athletics Association has argued that three groups of student-athletes should not get class certification because 96% of the proposed award would go to men.

03 May 2023

Energizer, Walmart accused of fixing battery prices

Energizer and Walmart orchestrated an illegal scheme to inflate prices for disposable batteries, two groups of consumers and a rival retailer have alleged.

02 May 2023

DOJ should reconsider no-poach prosections, defence bar says

Several members of the defence bar have suggested the government abandon criminal labour cases altogether after its fourth attempt at a no-poach prosecution fell apart before even reaching the jury.

02 May 2023

US DOJ loses another criminal no-poach case

A Connecticut federal judge has thrown out the US Department of Justice’s criminal no-poach case against six aerospace employees after the government rested its case, before sending it to the jury for deliberations.

28 April 2023

Google fails to down US DOJ's ad tech case

The US Department of Justice can proceed with its lawsuit seeking to break up Google’s online advertising business, a federal court in Virginia has ruled.

28 April 2023

Appeals court rejects states’ “odd” case against Meta

A New York-led coalition of states waited too long to bring their monopolisation lawsuit against Meta Platforms, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has held.

28 April 2023

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