Law: Sherman Antitrust Act 1890 (USA)

Google must face search engine monopolisation lawsuit, DOJ and states say

Google’s request for summary judgment in two monopolisation lawsuits brought by the Department of Justice and 47 US states ignores both precedent and evidence suggesting that its conduct forecloses 50% of the market for online search, the enforcers have said.

21 February 2023

Former engineering executive appeals against cartel conviction

A former engineering executive has asked a federal appellate court to throw out his bid-rigging conviction because the lower court improperly told a jury to analyse the case as a per se violation of the Sherman Act.

17 February 2023

Red Cross accused of monopolising blood platelet services

The American Red Cross illegally tied the sale of blood platelets to a service that removes bacteria from the cells intended for transfusion, a medical products company has said.

16 February 2023

DOJ: Deception not necessary to challenge John Deere’s repair restrictions

A group of farmers do not need evidence of deception to allege that John Deere illegally conspired to corner off the market for repairing its machinery, the Department of Justice has argued.

15 February 2023

Bundling case against Amgen wins magistrate blessing

Amgen should face allegations it illegally monopolised the market for a type of cholesterol drug through anticompetitive rebates, a federal magistrate judge has said.

14 February 2023

DOJ: market definition not required in no-poach cases

A group of aerospace engineers do not need to define a relevant antitrust market to prove Raytheon and Pratt & Whitney engaged in a per se violation of US antitrust law, the Department of Justice has argued.

14 February 2023

Senate moves pharma package forward

The Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced five bipartisan bills aiming to promote competition and reduce drug prices in the pharmaceutical industry.

13 February 2023

Experts push for whistleblower incentives

The Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act may not be enough to entice potential whistleblowers to report their employers’ violations of the Sherman Act, several experts have said.

13 February 2023

Pandora fights against sanctions in comedy antitrust suit

A media licensing company’s motion for sanctions is “an abusive and disturbing document” that misread Pandora Media’s antitrust allegations, the music streaming company has argued.

13 February 2023

Amazon and Apple seek dismissal of illegal boycott claims

A proposed class action accusing Apple and Amazon of conspiring to drive up iPhone and iPad prices fails to allege that an agreement between the pair amounts to horizontal collusion, both companies have argued.

10 February 2023

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