Law: Sherman Antitrust Act 1890 (USA)

LinkedIn defeats monopolisation claims

A group of LinkedIn subscribers failed to allege that the platform illegally maintained its monopoly over professional networking through anticompetitive data practices, a federal California judge has held.

13 March 2023

DOJ witness claims he was pressured to join wage-fixing agreement

Four at-home healthcare agency owners charged with entering into a wage-fixing and no-poach conspiracy tried to pressure others to join, a rival who recorded conversations with the defendants has testified.

10 March 2023

DOJ seeks first no-poach conviction at home healthcare staffing trial

An agreement between four home healthcare agency owners to fix wages and not hire each other’s employees violated US antitrust law regardless of whether they acted on it, the Department of Justice has told a federal jury in Maine.

09 March 2023

Big Tech monopolists akin to robber barons, DOJ official says

A US Department of Justice official has said the tactics used by monopolists in the digital economy are not different to those used by the original robber barons.

09 March 2023

Ivy League athletes deprived of competition, suit alleges

The Ivy League and its eight member universities engaged in a horizontal price-fixing scheme by agreeing not to award athletic scholarships, a pair of college basketball players have argued.

09 March 2023

Second Circuit revives suit against FIFA and US Soccer

Relevent Sports may pursue its allegations that the world’s soccer governing body conspired with its members to allocate competitive matches to their home soil, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled.

08 March 2023

Sham litigation counterclaims survive against Tennessee towing company

A Canadian hydraulic equipment supplier can proceed with its allegations that Miller Industries Towing Equipment turned to patent litigation in a bid to monopolise the market for rotating wrecker tow trucks, a New Jersey federal judge has held.

07 March 2023

Hospitals claim doctor fired because of misconduct, not antitrust conspiracy

Two West Virginia hospitals have argued their decision to revoke hospital privileges for an osteopathic doctor who endangered the safety of a patient is immunised from antitrust scrutiny.

06 March 2023

Mekki: bringing more cases will improve enforcement success

The judiciary has failed to understand some competition concerns because the agencies have not brought enough cases in recent decades, the number-two-in-command at the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

03 March 2023

Vascepa monopolisation claims survive motion to dismiss

A New Jersey federal judge has refused to throw out a lawsuit alleging that Amarin Pharma prevented generic competition for the cholesterol-lowering drug Vascepa.

02 March 2023

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