Law: Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act (MRFTA) 2017 (South Korea)

Korea sanctions LPG cartel

Four liquefied petroleum gas companies must pay €1.8 million in fines for conspiring to fix prices and allocate customers on the island of Jeju in Korea.

04 September 2023

KFTC overturns Broadcom commitment approval

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has rejected Broadcom’s commitment offer in an abuse of superior bargaining position probe, reversing a decision from its case examiner for the first time and exposing the company to hefty fines.

13 June 2023

Korea fines vinyl film cartel

Korea’s competition watchdog has sanctioned 11 vinyl film producers for colluding to fix the price of plastic sheeting used in greenhouses by farmers and agricultural businesses.

16 March 2023

South Korea: KFTC boosts antitrust laws with stronger regulation and pivotal amendments

Featured in Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2023

Evolving regulation in South Korea’s merger control regime, protection of examinees’ rights and the online platform sector coincide with enhanced cartel enforcement.

10 March 2023

KFTC proposes shake-up of merger remedies regime

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has proposed new rules allowing companies to voluntarily submit remedies for problematic deals, bringing the regime more in line with other jurisdictions.

14 February 2023

Broadcom offers commitments in Korea to settle antitrust probe

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has opened a public consultation into Broadcom’s offer to grant Samsung three-year warranties on mobile phone components and refrain from forcing smartphone makers into unfair deals to end an abuse of superior bargaining position probe.

09 January 2023

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